Whatsapp 2 step verification

How To: Protect your WhatsApp account with 2-Step Verification

Generally, to setup WhatsApp account on a device you have just enter the Mobile number followed by a One-time Password.
This Mechanism poses a serious threat to your account. Because, if someone manages to steal OTP’s from your phone by installing a Malicious app, or using an SS7 Vulnerability or just by manually looking up the code from your Phone.

 Whatsapp 2 step verification

In order to overcome this problem, we can use Two Step verification.
On enabling 2 Step verification, whenever you (or some hacker) setting up WhatsApp account, you have to enter:

  1. Mobile Number
  2. One-time Password
  3. 6-Digit Passcode (that you set while turning ON 2 step verification).

which, obviously makes is hard for someone hack your account.

Steps to Turn ON Two Step Verification in WhatsApp

Well, Two Step verification is currently only available on WhatsApp (Beta) version. So, first become a beta tester for WhatsApp and get it or else you have to wait for some time to get this feature.

UPDATE (10/02/2017): Two step verfication is now available for everyone. You don’t have to be a beta tester to get this feature.

Once you have it, follow these steps to enable this security feature:

  1. Open WhatsApp and Go to Settings > Account > Two-step Verification.


  2. Now tap on Enable and Enter a 6-digit Passcode of your choice and tap on next & Confirm the code. This passcode is important, make sure you remember it.
  3. Now enter your Email address. This is Optional and you can skip it if you don’t want to. But I highly recommend to enter it, as it acts as Recovery email in case if you forgot your 6-digit Passcode.
  4. Tap on Done. Your WhatsApp account is now secured with 2 Step verification.

So, now whenever you or someone try to use WhatsApp with your Mobile number, it asks for an OTP and 6-Digit Passcode you have set. So others cannot use your WhatsApp account even if they have the OTP.

Disable Two-step verification in WhatsApp

If you don’t like using it you can disable it.
Go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification and tap on Disable and confirm it
If you simply want to change Passcode and Email address, you can do so here.

What if you forgot the Passcode? – Resetting 2 Factor verification

After you have enabled 2 Step verification, WhatsApp regularly asks you to enter the 6-Digit Passcode on opening. So there is only a minor chance of you forgetting the Passcode.

But unfortunately if you forgot the Passcode, you can reset it using the Email address that you have entered during setup.

  1. Proceed with setup by Entering the Mobile number and then OTP as usual.
  2. Next when it asks for Passcode, click on Forgot passcode? link and tap on Send Email.


  3. Open your email and Click on the link WhatsApp sends you and then tap on Confirm.

This will disables Two Step verification for that one time and allows you to proceed without Passcode. After setup you can change the Passcode by going to Settings > Account > Two-step verfication > Change Passcode.

If you did not provide your email address and forgot password…

If you haven’t entered your email address during setup, you would have to face some difficulties.
If you last active on WhatsApp is less than 7 days, you have to wait until its 7 days.

If its more than 7 days you last used WhatsApp, you can use WhatsApp using your number on a new device, but all pending messages will be lost.

If you are last active more that 30 days, you can proceed without passcode, but your old account will be deleted and new one will be created.
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Final Note

Two-step verification may seem complex, but please note that you only have this difficulties when you Setting up your WhatsApp account on a New Device or in case you have uninstall WhatsApp.
Its worth using this security feature to enhance your WhatsApp account security.

Please comment your opinions and problems if you are facing any in the Comments below. And do share it with your friends on Facebook.

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