WhatsApp Business: 7 Best New Features You Should Know

Some of the Small business owners are already been using WhatsApp for communicating with their customers. But isn’t very suitable for Business.So WhatsApp had made a custom version of WhatsApp to satisfy their business needs and made WhatsApp Business Application.

The good thing is that it is free to use for both Small and Medium businesses. They may charge the Enterprise range businesses. In this post, we will focus on 7 Most important features of WhatsApp for Business and How it is different from regular WhatsApp.

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1. Business Profile

A simple About section and phone number might be enough profile for People, but isn’t enough for Business.

So, with the new WhatsApp Business app, you can now showcase a complete Business profile. You can add your Physical store address,  Category of business, Opening hours, Email address and Website to your profile.

Your customer can view all these information and directly interact with it like View your sore on map or Email you.

2. Automated Away Message

In WhatsApp business, you can also set a custom Away message like :
Hey, we are not available right now. We will get back to you ASAP ”.

So, when someone messages you, but you are Busy or Not available to reply, the Away message you have set is automatically sent to them.

To set your Away message open WhatsApp business and Go to Settings – Business settings – Away message (Under messaging tools)

You will be more likely lose a customer if you don’t respond to their messages. So, the Away message can avoid such things.

3. Automated Greeting message

Auto greeting message whatsapp business

Another messaging tool and cool feature of WhatsApp business is the Greeting message.

When a new customer messages you for the first time, they will automatically get a Greeting message you have set. Greeting message will also be sent after 14 days of no activity (No messages) from a customer. It acts like a Virtual Receptionist for your Business account.

To set a Greeting message:

Go to Settings – Business settings – Greeting Message(Under messaging tools) and turn-on the “Send greeting message” toggle and change the default greeting message as per your choice.

4. Quick Replies

Labels categories whatsapp business

This one is the most productive feature of WhatsApp business app. Quick replies are the more common Replies/ answers for FAQ’s you can set and use them quickly by using a Forward slash(/) followed by Keyword.

Add a Quick reply:

You can go add a Quick reply by going to Settings – Business settings – Quick replies (Under messaging tools) and click on “+” sign.

For example, you want to set a Quick reply for Payment reminder. You just go to Quick replies settings as said above and under Message enter “Your payment is pending. So please pay ASAP” and under Shortcut enter “pay” and tap on Save.

So if a customer hasn’t paid for your order, you just type “/pay”  and it will show the whole message you have set earlier. You just select that message and send it instead of typing the whole message.

5. Labels: Categorize Customers

Quick replies whatsapp business app

When you are doing business, you have to organize things systematically. This is where “Labels” feature comes in handy.

With labels, you can easily divide Customer chats into different categories like “Unpaid orders”, “New customers”, “Completed orders” and also view them by label name.

So can easily see, how many more orders you have Pending and who have Paid yet. This makes it easy to track your workflow.

Add label to a chat

To add Label to a chat, Tap and hold a chat and tap on Label icon on the top. Then tick one or more labels as you need and tap on Save. You can either use the default 5 labels or you can also add a new label by tapping on “+ New label”.

To view chats by label, tap on Menu icon – Labels and tap on the label name.

6. Verified Business: The Green Tick

Messaging statistics whatsapp business

WhatsApp is already filled with spam and fake messages. So it is hard to believe someone on WhatsApp and buy something from them. That is why WhatsApp business shows verification badge for every business profile.

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So when a customer views your profile, they will see a verification badge (Grey or Green tick mark) similar to verified Pages on Facebook and Twitter.

3 Different verification statuses

There are 3 different badges based on verification status of your business:

  1. Grey Question mark – It means that “this account is using WhatsApp business app, but WhatsApp hasn’t haven’t verified their business”
  2. Grey Tick mark – This means “Phone number of this account is matches phone number registered under this business.
  3. Green Tick mark – This means “The account is verified to be owned by a particular brand”

This verification process is very useful in preventing scams and build trust among your customers.

7. Messaging Statistics

verified business badge whatsapp business app

Well, numbers are an important aspect of any business. WhatsApp business allows you to view statistical data of messages. You can the number of messages Sent, Received, Delivered and Read.

You can then use this data to make changes and improve the way you communicate with your customers thereby making more sales.

An obvious thing to note is that if the customer disabled  “Read receipts” in their privacy settings, those messages won’t be recorded under “Read” message statistics.

Other small things to Note

You can use a LANDLINE number for Registration

Unlike the Regular WhatsApp, you can use a Landline phone number to register for a WhatsApp business account. Although number is necessary, so if your landline isn’t capable of messaging, you can request a call for OTP.

Displays as Business account

To avoid confusion, WhatsApp mentions “Business account” on profile, so you can easily differentiate.

Business name cannot be changed

So, enter your Business name correctly while you are registering for a business account because you cannot change it later. The wrong name can affect your Verification status.

The same number cannot be used for WhatsApp & WhatsApp business

A known fact that WhatsApp allows only one account per a phone number. So you have to use different number for WhatsApp and WhatsApp business accounts.

If the number registered in WhatsApp is business number, use the same number while registering for WhatsApp Business, the old WhatsApp will be migrated automatically to business account.

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Final Words

So these are some of the Best features of WhatsApp Business App. Apart from these great features, you can do all the stuff that you would do with regular WhatsApp like WhatsApp Web (To use WhatsApp on Desktop), Groups etc., and also all chats are End-to-End Encrypted.

So, if you are running Small, Medium or any kind of business, look no further, upgrade to WhatsApp Business now and grow your business.

So how are using WhatsApp Business to for your Business? Are facing any problems with WhatsApp for Business? Post it on Digicular’s Facebook Group.

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  1. Good to know Susheel. My wife downloaded WhatsApp on the phone we share during travels, to talk with our family in the US while we visit Thailand. Amazing tech, right? If you have an internet connection you can talk with any other WA'ers like it's cell phone to cell phone. Amazing.


    1. Hey Ryan,

      Yeah ofcourse, WhatsApp has been amazing Tech invented in recent past. People has been saving a lot on Calling costs.

      Coming to WhatsApp business, if used effectively can be very useful in growing your business.


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