Bloggers, Stop Wasting Time on These 6 Things Immediately

Blogging mistakes - Wasting time

Blogging to be done perfectly, needs a discipline and planning. And for a beginner blogger it is really hard to manage time. You’ll end up wasting time on unnecessary blogging tasks and suffer from a shortage of time to grow your blog.

Most of the beginners knowingly or unknowingly waste time concentrating on things that doesn’t actually help in growing their blogs. You realise it lately and then regret about it.
This is a straight forward guide to get rid of waste of time blogging activities and get more time to do actual blogging and grow your blog quickly.

1. Blog Design

You just started a blog, worked hard on it for day and night to make it look beautiful. Changed the fonts, adjusted padding, added attractive colours to your blog template and shouted with joy-

Hurray! I have a professional looking blog.

Now what?  Realised it or not, You just wasted all of your time?

The worst thing that kill most of your time is Blog design. When I started blogging, I was Over-concerned about my blog design. And wasted a lot of my valuable time in trying new blog templates and editing HTML.

And as a result, what I got is nothing more than compliments from few of my Blogging pals about my blog design.

When I first came to know about Seth Godin’s blog, I was surprised to see his most popular marketing blog with an extremely simple layout and plain design. And I laughed at myself on wasting so much of time with this thing.

I am not saying that you don’t need a good design for your blog. Having a professional looking blog surely help you build a brand for your blog. But I do say that it is really a waste of time at this stage of blogging.

So What you should do?

It is not really important to have a great design at this point. Just choose any clean template and don’t bother about it for some time. Now focus more writing more quality posts as possible. Later as you get your blog to a certain position, then you can work on your blog design or hire a designer.

2. Social Media

Social Media is really a great source of traffic for any beginner blogger. As you just started a blog, it takes time to build readership and get traffic from search engines. It is really a good way to get traffic to your new blog.

Then why did I called it “Waste of Time”.

I really never say that it is a waste of time to promote your blogposts and interact with readers on social media. But you will be wasting a lot of time on other things like Chatting with friends, Commenting and liking posts, in the name of promoting your blog.

And as you are a beginner, you have only fewer followers. So you cannot expect a blast of traffic to your blog from social media.

So What you have to do is:

  • Join 5-6 social network sites, but try to be active on only 2-3 of them that work for you.
  • Make a schedule to stay active on each of these social networks. And give more preference for creating Quality content.
  • Turn off any distracting things like Chats.
  • Try other ways like guest posting, commenting to get traffic.

3. Blog Stats

Accept it! You do visit your Google analytics or CMS statistics dashboard daily (even hourly) to see, how many visitors you got.
I am not blaming you for this. As this is a common habit every new blogger have. I still have this habit a bit.
We just publish a post, post it on social media and run to analytics dashboard to see anyone visiting our blog. Then come back the next day morning to see the page view count, Alexa rank and this continues.
How silly Are we! It is like Sowing a seed and watching it to grow and yield.
It doesn’t mean that you just stop monitoring you stats completely. Analysing your stats help you take your next step and fix things that don’t work for you. But it becomes a Time Killer when you spend overtime on it. Also, it may even discourage you from blogging.
So don’t look at our stats for month or two after starting a blog. And kill your habit of looking at stats every day and hour and fix a period like once every 15 days or 30 days.

4. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be a most beneficial task for any blogger to get traffic for long term. But most beginners take this thing too seriously wasting time and money.
There will be some serious dangers if you take it too seriously:
  • You may waste a lot of time learning and applying different SEO techniques, so you cannot concentrate other important tasks like content creation, Blogger outreach.
  • You may over-optimise (like keyword stuffing) your content and search engines may penalise you for this.
  • You may get scared of  learning & applying SEO (unless you already know SEO) and even Quit blogging.
Remember that SEO is meant for helping a search engine understand your blog, not to write for the search engine. I heard many people saying that they don’t pay much attention to SEO but still getting traffic from search engines.
I am not saying you to ignore SEO completely but don’t get serious about it now. First learn and apply basics of On-page SEO and then gradually go for advanced SEO techniques (i.e., Off-page SEO). I would recommend you read this basic SEO guide by Google to get started.

5. Pictures for Blogpost

I haven’t realised I was simply wasting time on this thing until a published a post on “Google Keep for productive blogging”. I eventually spent a lot of time for creating graphics for this post, which made me spend a more on it.

A Picture is worth thousand Words
It is indeed my favourite Quote too. But if you are unnecessarily wasting time in this task is absolutely not acceptable. If you really prefer pictures more than words why stuff it in a blog post, better combine all of them and make an Infographic.

So to be straight forward, do not waste your time on creating or editing pictures for your blog posts. Only use pictures where there is necessary, where there you cannot explain with words.

6. Shadowing other Blogs

You may be advised to observe other blogs in your niche closely (also called Shadowing), so that you can learn how they work and develop your own style based on that.

But there is dark side too for this strategy.
Reading blogs can be more addictive that you forget the thing that you too are a blogger and responsible for managing a blog. I never thought reading blogs would be waste of time. As once I examined my activities, I found Reading blogs is the main thing killing my time.

The other Waste of Time activities you spend time on other blogs include Over-Commenting, Over-following and Over-interaction on their social media updates.

The another most dangerous thing is Cloning the style of your influencers. You are not said to Clone their style, but observe them, Develop your own style and improve it day-by-day. This act could be Time wasting as you try to Rewrite your posts when you fail to write like you influencers and may even Discourage from blogging.

Final Words

Making a perfect schedule is the most useful fix I found to be working to avoid all these kind of Time wastage. Organise every blogging task and make a perfect weekly and monthly plan for your blog. Again and again I advice to focus more on creating Quality, helpful content.

All the things I mentioned above are written based on my own experience. Which I feel may help you to find more time to blog.

What do you think?

Are you wasting time on these blogging things? Did my post helped you get rid of these things and find more time to do actual blogging?

Please let me know your opinions through comment below. And please do share it with your friends if you like the post.