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The Following are the Terms of service and Policies of Digicular.com. These terms and policies are applicable when YOU (a “user”) visit this website (www.digicular.com).
All the third party Sites/Apps/Services outside this site which are mentioned here on this Website may have their own set of different set of Terms & Policies.

Please note that hereby ‘You’ refers to  “a User” and ‘this Website’ or ‘this site’  or ‘We’ refers to “Digicular.com”.

Table of contents:

Privacy Policy

Here at Digicular.com, we respect and  take the privacy of a user seriously. We don’t collect any personal information from any user to use the site and a user is free to browse through the site without any sort of registration.We NEVER collect any sensitive information like Credit/Debit card number, any Passwords etc., Here are the  general information we collect.

Cookies and General information

A Cookie is a small file stored by a website on your computer in order to identify your computer and make sure it don’t repeat an action the next time you visit the website

A cookie or log file collect some general information like your ISP (Internet service provider), Browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.), IP (Internet Protocol) Address, the time you visited our site. This is still very general information which doesn’t include your Identity.

Name and Email

You don’t need to Register or enter your Email or Name to browse through this site. You are only asked for such information while you are Subscribing to our newsletter, Contacting us through contact form or Commenting.
Because it is mandatory to respond/ reply to your comment or feedback. And this information is Safe with us. We never Expose or Sell your Email address to any third parties.
Note: Any information mentioned above is Safe with us and We never sell this information to anyone.

All the Logos, Images, Articles and other Content created by Digicular on Digicular.com are licenced under  Creative commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.5 India
by-nc Digicular allows anyone to Remix, Transform and Modify the content as long as the logo is displayed and Credit with a link back to this site to the source of information. And Modifications if any should be mentioned.
The content includes Articles, Images, Screenshots of this Website and Logos posted here on Digicular.com.

Besides digicular.com, the licence is also applicable for the content present on any other medium like RSS feed, Social media sites etc., where “we” publish.

This policy is only applicable to the content owned by Digicular.com. Any other content mentioned here and owned by a third party may be subjected to different Copyright policies and we are not responsible for that.

Commenting Policy

We always encourage you to express your Opinions, Problems and Feedback from you through comments.
But please follow the following Guidelines when you are commenting on any of our Articles and pages:

  1. Do not post  Abusive , Hatred spreading or any appropriate comments that may hurt us or any other people.
  2. Do not enter any Confidential information like Credit card details, passwords etc., and any Copyrighted material.
  3. Please make sure your comment is relevant to the content/ information present on the Post/ page and also add value to other readers. And do not post any false statements or Rumors.
  4. You are NOT allowed to post any Affiliate links, Links to your products or services or your blog/Website in comments. You can share links only when it is super relevant in that context.

Digicular reserves right to delete any comment(s) that fail to follow the above guidelines. We are not responsible for any information posted by others in comments on Digicular.com


We, at Digicular publish content in any form like Articles, videos or Images to educate you (readers) about latest Technology and Security. So we post easy to understand HOW-TO tutorials, Tips, and News.

All of these Tips, Tutorials and Guides are carefully tested before posting her on the website. But some of may not work on your Computer/ Mobile may be because of a Different version of software/hardware or Different configuration you are using.

So whenever you are following any of the instructions mentioned in our Articles, you are doing it at your own risk .“We” (Digicular) hold NO responsibility in anyway for any Misconfiguration, Malfunction or any damage if happen any.

NOTE: All the policies and conditions that are mentioned above are subjected to change. We reserve all rights to make changes to any of the policies. This page last updated on 18/06/2016.
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