Best way to Share Clipboard between your Computers and Android devices

Ever wanted to copy some text from your phone and paste it on your computer. Or Copy a Phone number on your friend’s phone and paste it on your phone.

That’s what we can call syncing clipboard. It used to be really irritating for me when I have to copy some information, a link address or transfer some text from Phone to computer and vice versa.

Share Clipboard or Sync Clipboard between Android and Windows/Mac/Linux computer

Either I have to Re-type it myself or send it as a message to myself on Facebook, which is still uncomfortable as I have to login to my Facebook account to access it.

And then I  found SnapCopy, an easy way to Sync or share clipboard between all your computers and Android devices. It’s like creating a Universal Clipboard among all your computers and smartphones.

What can SnapCopy do?

To share clipboard between your Android devices and Computers means, you should be able to:

  • Copy text on your Computer and Paste it on a Phone/Tablet
  • Copy text on your Phone/Tablet and Paste it on your Computer
  • Copy text on One android Phone/ Tablet and Paste it on another Android device

Although I have used other Clipboard sharing apps like ClipSync, Alt-C , most of them only work in One way i.e., between your Computer and Phone and not between one phone and other.

The other advantage of SnapCopy is that it is available as a chrome extension, so can use it with Windows, Linux or Mac with Chrome browser. (But you can share text outside Chrome too). And will be soon available on iOS too.

Sync Clipboard between your Windows/ Mac/ Linux Computer and Android

To build a One Common and Universal clipboard among all your Android phones, Tablets, and PC/Mac/Linux Computers, you have to download SnapCopy chrome extension for computers and App for Android.

Steps to Setup SnapCopy

  1. Install the SnapCopy Chrome extension on all of your Computers that you want to share clipboard with. And Make sure that Chrome runs on System startup (Of course you should install Chrome browser, if you haven’t).
  2. Download and Install the SnapCopy Android app on all android Phones and Tablets that you want to share text with.
  3. Connect all your Computers and Android devices to Same Network (same Wi-Fi).
  4. Connect all devices together as follows:

Connect Snapcopy on Computer with Android

  • Open Google chrome on your computer. Click on SnapCopy extension.  Now it will display a QR code.
  • Open SnapCopy app on your android device, Tap on Add device,  then on Scan other devices barcode  and scan the QR code with your Phone.
  • Finally, tap on Enabled, on your computer which then turn to green. Similarly, add other Android devices  to computer by clicking on Add device 
Sync Clipboard Snapcopy Android Chrome

Connect Snapcopy on Android with other Android device

  • Open Snapcopy app on Device 1.
  • Open Snapcopy on Device 2, tap on Scan other devices barcode and scan the QR code displayed on on Device 1. This will connect them
  • Tap Enabled on device 1. Similarly, Connect any other  Android Phones or tablets you have.
Share Clipboard Snapcopy - Connecting two android devices

All devices that you connected in both above steps will now share a common Clipboard. You can now copy on one device and paste it any of others.

Please do remember that all devices should be connected to same Wi-Fi network and make sure SnapCopy is running on all of them.

Disable / Turnoff SnapCopy on One or More devices

If you are sharing Clipboard on more that two devices, and someone is using one of them, it may cause confusion and privacy issues. So you may disable Snapcopy on (or) for that device. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Chrome extension or Android app on a device in which you want to disable snapcopy.
  2. Now click on Green Enabled button next to device name, which will then turn to gray. And now this device will be completely disconnected from the others.Share Clipboard Android Windows PC/Mac/ linux computer
It works like magic. You can just copy from one of the devices and paste it on any other devices connected, thus boosting your productivity at work.
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Susheel karam

Susheel is an Electrical Engineer by education, but a Tech Blogger by Passion. He keeps himself updated about latest Apps, Gadgets and anything new in Tech world. When he is not in to computers, he loves to watch Sci-Fi and Horror movies.


  1. I use Google keep for this and it works like a charm, will try this too!

    1. Using Google Keep, I think is way more complex for this purpose.
      You have to make a note for every time, and you have to make sure its synced.
      Also it requires internet.

      Snapcopy doesn't require internet, and you don't have to interact with any option. Just run it and you are good to go.

      You must give it a try. Iam sure you will love it.

      Thanks for commenting

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