Send Quick flash message using Truecaller

While there already exists numerous Instant messaging application, Truecaller found it worth to introduce a feature send Quick message to other Truecaller user with a name “Quick Flash message”.

The feature surely cannot replace a Regular messaging app like WhatsApp but is still can be use to Send a Quick update to your friend or family member using a Short Text, Emojis and Location.

What is different about Flash message from a regular one is that when you receive a flash message, the phone will ring continuously for about 60 seconds unless you swipe and read the message. Unlike when you receive a text message , you will simply get a Notification.

NOTE: Please do remember that sending a Flash message requires internet connection. And it cannot replace Regular messaging. So don’t use it for Important and Urgent communication.

Send Short quick message or Location to other Truecaller user

Before you try to send a Flash message on Truecaller, make sure you and the Receiver have updated version of Truecaller and have account registered.

To Send a Quick message:

  1. Open Truecaller app
  2. Scroll through your contacts or Search a number and Tap on Flash/ Thunderbolt icon to the right of that Contact.
  3. Now type in your Message (about  upto 80 characters). You can also use send Emoji’s and even Location.

Final words

As I observed, if you are using a battery saver and restricted Background activity, you may not receive messages despite being connected to internet.
So, though the feature is quite handy to send Quick status updates, for a vareity of reasons it should not be used to send Urgent and Important messages.

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Susheel karam

Susheel is an Electrical Engineer by education, but a Tech Blogger by Passion. He keeps himself updated about latest Apps, Gadgets and anything new in Tech world. When he is not in to computers, he loves to watch Sci-Fi and Horror movies.


  1. could i check previously sent flash messages!

    1. Hi Aman,

      Unfortunately, flash messages are instant and temporary.
      Then disappear as they are seen.
      You cannot view previously sent messages.

      Hope it helps
      Susheel karam

    2. Hi Aman,

      Unfortunately you cannot check flash messages you have sent in past.
      There is no inbox sort of thing for flash messages.

      Thanks for reading

  2. What does it mean if I can’t flash a user? I still see their last seen. Am I blocked?

    1. Hey Tina,

      If you don’t see a flash message option for any contact, it may be because:
      1) They don’t have Truecaller account under that mobile number.
      2) They have disabled Flash messaging in Truecaller settings (Truecaller > Settings > Flash messaging).

      So it doesn’t necessarily mean they blocked you. Hope it helps.

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