Scan Your Email for Saved Passwords with Dashlane Inbox Scan

Scan Email with Dashlane inbox scan

Usernames, passwords and so on things have became an important part of our life with the increased usage of internet day-by-day and so as the risk of being hacked increased.

Even though you have stronger passwords, it is also important to protect every bit of your personal information (Usernames, passwords, Bank account details…) to stay safe online.

And the most vulnerable place for such most sensitive information is your “Email Inbox”.

Why would your Inbox be the most vulnerable place?

  • You may have sent a password to a friend through your Email account.
  • You may have requested to send your a password, when you forgot it.
  • You may receive monthly bank statements.
  • You may have knowingly or unknowingly, saved passwords in the form of simple text on your Email.

Not just passwords, you may have other sensitive information in your Email Inbox. If a hacker just gets access to your email account, he will be gifted with a lot of information to Ruin you.
But It is nearly impossible to find such information manually.

Here where Dashlane Inbox scan comes in.

What is Dashlane Inbox Scan

The inbox scanner from Dashlane (A Popular company providing Password manager and other solutions), is a very useful to scan your emails in Inbox (Every mail) for Passwords present, Passwords Reused, Weak passwords and Any other Vulnerable information stored in the form of Simple Text, So that you can delete them before a hacker gets into it

Steps to Scan your Inbox for Vulnerable information with Dashlane

Dashlane’s Inbox scan tool is easy to use. You don’t need to register an account with Dashlane to use this tool. You just have to let Dashlane access your inbox (Temporary Read-only access). And as of now it supports Gmail, Hotmail, Aol. and Yahoo Accounts.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and Click on Scan My Inbox. Then in the popup that appears now, Click on your Email service provider (Google, Yahoo…) and Sign into your Email account  and Grant account access.
  2. Dashlane then analyses all of your emails for open passwords, Bank credentials and other vulnerable information present in your emails.

    After analysing, you will be shown all of your accounts in the form of a bubble cloud with the year. Big bubbles indicate most important accounts and small bubbles less important. The bubbles in red colour indicate that there is Plain text password of that account present in your inbox. Hovering your mouse pointer on a bubble shows you the account service name.

    Bubble cloud dashlane inbox
  3. Now proceed to Next: Security Analysis where you will find the summary of your inbox scan with a Number of Accounts linked with your email, Reused passwords, Inbox Security Score  and a link to download full report.
    Inbox security score dashlane inbox

    Now download and open this report (a PDF document). Here you can find the detailed information of passwords present in your inbox. Find and delete those Emails with such sensitive information. And after you are done Delete this report from your computer.

Tip:  To be on safer side after completion of scan Revoke the Account permission for Dashlane. If your using Gmail Go to Account permissions, Find Dashlane Scan and Click on Revoke access.

Revoke account access dashlane inbox scan

Is Dashlane Inbox Scan Safe?

It may seem absolutely stupid that we are giving Dashlane, the ability to read emails from that Email Account which we are actually trying to protect from a hacker.

But you can trust Dashlane for some reasons:

  • Dashlane requires only a Temporary Read-only access to your account.
  • Dashlane promises that it doesn’t store any reports or information about your account.
  • This Inbox scan tool is owned by Dashlane Inc., a well-known company offering Password manager and Security services. And it is certified by BBB,  Norton security and other organisations.
Please do share this post with your friends, so that they can also secure their account.
Post your doubts and opinions in the comment section below.

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Susheel karam

Susheel is an Electrical Engineer by education, but a Tech Blogger by Passion. He keeps himself updated about latest Apps, Gadgets and anything new in Tech world. When he is not in to computers, he loves to watch Sci-Fi and Horror movies.


  1. Hi Susheel,

    I've seen ads for Dashlane password manager in my Facebook Timeline and have considered using it. Heaven knows I need something to keep track of all my passwords! I didn't know of the inbox scan though. Most of my emails are delivered to my inbox thorough Outlook and I see it does not support that so it would not be any good for me. I had never thought about the fact that a hacker could get hold of my passwords from emails if I'd requested a reminder.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Yeah there is possiblity of hacker getting your password, but not in all cases. When you request a password reminder, some of web services send you your password or a Password hint in a simple text form. Which is absolutely safe, if you haven't deleted those emails.

      Dashlane scan helps in this aspect and you can also find other sensitive information like your financial information in a bank statements.

      Thanks for reading. Keep visiting.

  2. Hi Susheel,

    What a fabulous topic you have chosen for this post. Mostly people (including me) Neglect the sensitiveness of our E-mail accounts and leave them on the responsibility of God. We never try to check our inboxes for sensitive information so we should remove them and why not, Cause It requires a lot of time and Who have such time for this type of boring and time taking task.

    But, Thanks to this awesome tool to find all those information, So We can stay protected from those Hacker guys. I think everybody should use this tool once for their inboxes.

    Could not resist without sharing it on Twitter. 🙂

    ~ Umair Akram

    1. Hi akram,

      Glad to see you again.

      If there is anything that you have secure first, then it Will be your email account. As it is limited with all other online accounts.

      And if your inbox contains passwords then you're directly giving him the key.

      Hope you scanned your inbox and got rid of all the sensitive information.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Hi Susheel,
    Very useful Post indeed. I’m recently using this and it’s really an awesome tool. Thanks for such a great write-up! 🙂

    1. Hey Ali

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion.

      Yeah! Dashlane is a great tool. You can easily find stray passwords with few clicks.
      Glad to know that this is helpful to you.

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