3 Ways to Save Webpages for offline reading on Chrome Android

Quite often, I read something on the internet and would like to keep it somewhere for future reference like a Cooking recipe, a Diet chart etc.Bookmarking the page is a good way to save it. But you should have an internet connection every time when you need to open it, which is not possible when you are out of your Data balance or Network coverage.

So, you need to save it Offline so that we can read it even when you don’t have any internet connection. Here are 3 easy ways to save a webpage or article for Offline on your Android phone using Google Chrome.

1) Download Full Webpages for offline Viewing

Google has released a new Inbuilt Download option to save webpages for offline reading. This feature is available in Chrome for Android V55.0 or later.

To Download a full webpage:
Open any website page that you want to save for offline reading and tap on the 3-dot Menu button in the top right corner. And then tap on Download icon present in the top.
Open Webpage – Tap on Menu – Tap on Download icon
The webpage will then be downloaded.
To view the saved webpage when you are offline, Open chrome – Tap MenuDownloads.
Here you can see all downloads in chrome. Now slide from left and tap on Pages and you can see all saved pages here.

2) Save as PDF

Save as Print PDF Save webpages offline chrome android

This is another great way to save webpages in Chrome on Android. As they are saved as PDF’s, you can read it anywhere either Mobile and computer using a PDF reader.

To Save a webpage as PDF in chrome:

  1. Open any website in chrome, tap on Menu – then tap on Share.. and then choose Print from the list of apps displayed. ( If you are using older version chrome Tap on Menu and then on Print..)
  2. Now tap on drop down list of printers and select Save as PDF and then tap on PDF download button.
  3. Now select the folder in which you want to save the PDF and tap on Save.

The page will be downloaded and saved as a pdf file in your selected folder.

3) Use Read-It-Later apps like Pocket

If you browse the internet most of the time and often save many Website articles, this will be the most efficient way to save webpages.

Using Read-It-Later apps like Pocket, you can save webpages for offline reading and Access & organize them all at one place.

Some of the popular offline Read-it-later apps are Pocket, Instapaper, Readability and Evernote. But I personally recommend Pocket app as it is feature rich. Pocket is available for Android, iOS, and PC, Mac (as a browser extension). So you can read them wherever you want.

Assuming you have installed one of the above apps, Open a webpage in chrome and tap on Menu. Here tap on Share.. choose Pocket (or Instapaper etc.) from the apps displayed.

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