8 Handy and Quick Tips for Xiaomi MIUI 7

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Xiaomi presented another great version of its Android-based custom operating system, the MIUI 7 with a slogan “Yours by Design”. Keeping up the slogan meaningful, many new features and performance improvements has been made which make it Easy to use for you.

So in this article we be talking about not all the new features of MIUI 7 but those Handy & Most useful Tips and features in the new Xiaomi MIUI 7.Quick-Tips-MIUI7-Digicular-dot-com

1. Disable App Notifications quickly from status bar

Another handy feature in MIUI 7 is that you can disable notifications from the notification bar itself without the need of going to settings.
To disable notification for an app,
Swipe to Notification bar > click on Disable icon > Mark the App notifications, you want to disable for and click on Tick icon.
This is extremely useful when you want to quickly disable annoying notifications from certain apps.

2. Set Different Lock screen Wallpaper Every day: Daily lock screen

It will be quite boring to see to the same wallpaper on your lock screen. Daily Lock screen feature Beautifies your lock screen with a new wallpaper every day. Xiaomi has a collection of beautiful wallpapers specially licenced for this feature. You cannot only get these wallpapers through this feature.

To Enable Daily Lock Screen Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper > Daily Lock Screen

Additionally You can also Setup Baby album and Set your Baby photos as Daily lock screen. You can read the complete guide on this from this forum post.

3. Group Service Messages and Ads: Smart SMS Filter

Our SMS Inbox, these days get crowded with all those Facebook alerts, Telecom marketing SMS and OTP’s. It becomes almost impossible to find the real SMS, that a friend sent you.MIUI 7’s  Smart SMS filter filters all your SMS and groups all the Service, Advertisement and spam messages under Notifications folder, so you can easily find the real SMS that matters to you.


To Enable Smart SMS Filter:

  1. Open Messaging app and Long press on Recent apps key (≡)  for a second and you’ll see a settings screen.
  2. Now here Enable the option Group Carrier Messages.
Go back to Messaging and you can see all those service messages moved into the folder named Notifications. The funniest thing I observed after enabling this feature is that all the messages I have in my inbox are useless Service messages.

4. Copy One-Time Passwords instantly: Quick OTP

Either you are shopping on an E-commerce site or Transacting with your Debit card, you should have faced the trouble going to a Message note the OTP  (One-Time Password)and enter it in the transaction page.No more trouble now, Quick OTP feature is here.


So in MIUI 7, whenever you receive an OTP, you will be displayed a floating notification the OTP is displayed in different color and an option Copy OTP on the right. So just tap on Copy OTP and paste it without the need to move from your current screen.
Quick OTP is enabled by default. In case if it is disabled on your device, you can turn it ON:
Go to  Messaging > Long-press on Recent apps key > Click on Check SMS for OTP

5. Use Mobile easily with Larger text: XXL text

MIUI 7 is got really great features for everyone, then what about Elder people and those with Defected eyesight who can’t see text properly or you don’t want to strain your eyes. Yeah! you do have Lite mode, but it is not so beautiful. So Why compromise your UI for Text size.


The XXL text is here. Xiaomi previously had only XL text. The new XXL text feature increases text size to Extra, Extra large without disturbing the user interface. Xiaomi built XXL text feature in the way that it doesn’t make the overall UI dirty.

To switch to XXL text Go to Settings > Text Size > Slide to XXL. You can also see the live preview of home screen by swiping to left.

6. Restrict you Kid from accessing certain apps: Child Mode

You may always think twice to lend your smartphone to your kid. Those little monsters may unintentionally Disturb your saved work, Access inappropriate content and so on.
Whatever may be the reason, you just have to give your smartphone to your kid but want to permit to use only certain apps. So you want a specialised Child mode.


Once you turn-on child mode and lend it to your kid, he/she can only access those apps you allowed them to and nothing else.

To use child mode:

  1. Set a password or pattern for lock screen by going to Settings > Lock screen.
  2. Now Go to Settings > Child mode > Click on Child mode.
  3. Select which apps you want to allow and go back to home and lend to your kid.

To exit from Child mode, click on the cross button and enter your lock-screen Pattern or password.

7. Automatically Switch to Do Not Disturb Mode

Do not disturb mode which keeps you in peace by setting all notifications off was already made available in MIUI 6. But in MIUI 7 it got even clever.
In MIUI 7 you can schedule Do Not Disturb mode for a specific time. You can also link it with your Mi Band, so that it can switch to DND mode automatically when you are sleeping.
To Schedule Do Not Disturb mode:

  1. Turn on DND (Settings > Do Not Disturb or from Quick toggles).
  2. To schedule Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Set Time.
  3. Here you can set time for DND mode (or) If you have a Mi band linked with your Xiaomi device you can turn-on Mi Band option and the device automatically goes into DND mode during your sleeping cycle.

8. Reduce Mobile Data consumption with Data Saver

So here comes the Last but most valuable MIUI 7 tip, the Data saver. If you live in a location using Mobile Internet is like living in hell, this tip could be a life saver. The Data saver which is powered by Opera Max, once enabled serves all the data through Opera server and compresses it. It helps you Browse the internet faster and saves your Mobile Data as well Wi-Fi by upto 50%.

To Enable Data saver Go to Security app > Data Usage > Data Saver

This data saver works with all apps. You can also enable data saver for other apps, and also watch YouTube videos faster. This feature as of now (V 5.9.16) available only in Chinese ROM, will be made available in Global ROM soon.

UPDATE: The Data saver option which was not there in previous versions of MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM is now made available in latest update MIUI 5.10.15

So these are some of the useful tips to get things done quickly on the new MIUI 7.

But that’s not all, Its your turn now. If you have any other tips which I may have missed in this post, please share it with us through comments below. 

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Susheel karam

Susheel is an Electrical Engineer by education, but a Tech Blogger by Passion. He keeps himself updated about latest Apps, Gadgets and anything new in Tech world. When he is not in to computers, he loves to watch Sci-Fi and Horror movies.


  1. How to set screen pattern lock on miui 7.0 stable??

    1. Hi jyoti,

      To turn on pattern lock in miui 7
      goto Settings > Lock screen > Password > Add security password > Pattern

    2. How can we all apps protect àpss lock its not working

  2. Nice post. Thanks.

    1. Hi Yogesh,

      Thanks for reading.
      Have a great day.

  3. How to secure notification in lock screen like when i receive any message it may come like (1 new message or 2 new message )
    Instead of message line (Mac: hello how r u
    Dreck: I'll be there)

    1. Hi Adi,

      Yeah! there an option in MIUI 7 to hide/ secure SMS content on both lockscreen and in notification shade.

      Follow these simple steps:

      1. Open Messaging app
      2. Touch and Hold Recent Apps key to go to messaging settings
      3. Now here in Messaging settings, Turn-off the option Show messages on lock screen

      Thats all, you will now see something like 1 New message instead of message content.

      Hope it helps.

      Susheel karam

    2. Hi Susheel,

      Is there any way to not display message preview on lock screen or notification shade in MIUI 7 for Whatsapp and for other third party messaging apps ?


  4. Hello, where is the option to save sender's contact number received by sms(example: I receive a sms from a person informing the new contact number). I am not used to Miui 7, because my last smartphone was with android 4.4.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Thats not too complex.

      Just open the Message and Tap on Human icon on top-right.
      Now tap on ' + ' icon and then tap on 'New contact'

      Now enter the details and save the contact.

      Hope this helps

      Keep visiting.

    2. Thank you… I assumed there is that option… but if you saw my Rom you will understand why I ask this. The problem is that is a modified Rom to Portugal and some popup messages you can't distinguish the letters above the background (because of that "Human icon" is black above black, cannot see.

      Thank you for your answer.

      I will keep visiting

  5. Hello Susheel…
    I like to know how to set the appropriate SIM for sending messages only..

    1. Hi Riyaz,

      Unfortunately, there is no exclusive option to set default sim for SMS in MIUI.

      The solution for this is, Go to Settings > Sim card & Mobile networks and set the the default sim for calls. Now this sim will be set default for SMS too.

      Hope it helps

  6. Hello, are there any option for reading the content of a message (for example Viber or WhatsApp or any message) without unlocking the phone or opening the app? (in my other Nexus 5 with stock Android I can read the first few rows of a message without unlock the phone)

    1. Yeah you can't actually expand notification on lock screen as you do in Stock android.

      But just pull down notification bar without unlocking and the expand the notification/ Whatsapp message by pulling it with two fingers.

  7. hi bro
    how to activate automatic switch off/on option in miui7 for mi4i

    1. Some options get tricky to find on MIUI, as they are categorised.

      The Schedule ON/OFF option is moved to security app.
      Just open Security app > Battery> Schedule power ON/OFF
      and set the time.


    2. coming i help u

  8. How to change font in mi2 after miui7 stable..update… And some features are missing how to fix it

  9. how to make recent app big screen

    1. I Guess, you want to see the thumbnails of recent apps instead of icons.

      To do that Open Recent apps and Pinch zoom on the icons. This will turn the icons into thumbnails.

      If that doesn't work Goto settings > Additional settings> Battery & Performance and turn ON System Animations

      And then pinch zoom in recent apps view.

      Hope it helps.

  10. Hi,
    I didnt found the setting for group carier msg and quick otp.

    1. These are exclusive features of MIUI 7 Global. So first make sure your device is running on MIUI 7 Global and not China. The Chinese ROM don't have these options.

      Goto settings > About phone and check the MIUI version.
      If it is China ROM. Goto en.miui.com and download the Global ROM for your device and flash it.

  11. My redmi 3 keep prompting me that my data usage limit exceeded but in fact i didnt. Pls advise how to correct this, thank you.

    1. Hi simple,

      You may have set a data limit.

      Goto Security app > Data usage > Set data limit and Clear the number

      If you have have 2 sim cards, swipe to left and do the same with sim 2.

      Hope it helps

  12. my messages come in showing the senders number and not the name yet i have synced my contacts.

  13. I have deleted message icon from home screen accidentally on my redmi 2 prime. Please help how to replace message icon on home screen

    1. Well, you can't actually delete an icon in miui. You may have moved it into other screen or folder.

      So carefully search for it in folders.

  14. Hi…
    I want to hide apps in Redmi note 3…
    Can u please help to hide apps….
    Thank u…

    1. You can't hide apps on miui as of now. Instead you can move it into some folder, so it doesn't appear big.

      The other option would be, install a third party launcher like Nova launcher and hide apps

  15. how to applock with fingerprint in 7.2.4 stable ?

    1. Well, the feature is recently introduced in MIUI 7. But not yet rolled for all devices.

      So first make sure your device is updated to latest version of miui.

      To setup applock with fingerprint
      Goto settings > Additional settings > Privacy Privacy protection > App lock

      Now enter your pattern, here you will be asked whether to setup fingerprint lock.

      Here click on Goto settings and scan your finger.

      Select the you want to lock.

  16. I have used a child lock mode , when I want to reopen (unlocked ) the exit button does not respond and do not appear password pattern , maybe I'm wrong step when applying this child lock mode . All the menu are hidden includes a file manager and file explorer . How to overcome this ?

    1. Hey Vitri,

      Please restart your device and try.
      This will solve most of the problems.

      Thanks for reading

  17. hi pl guide me. my phone does not lock itself when call is answered and i put it on my ear to talk

    1. I have same issue. Any help?

    2. It may be due to faulty Proximity sensor. Download and reflash the MIUI ROM.

      If the problem still persists, visit service Center to check for hardware failure.

  18. Is there any way to put the child mode in the toggle screen to activate it faster? Thanks

    1. No, You cannot.
      You have to navigate through settings to Enable Child mode.

  19. Hi Susheel.
    Thanks for this post it was useful.
    I have a question regarding the update of the Mi Account on my Xiamo Redmi Note 4G which I bought last year and have been using in India till I moved to Botswana a few days ago.
    The challenge I am facing is that after leaving India, my sim card got deactivated. Mind you that is the number linked to my Mi Account. So, for me to update and change numbers etc I get a prompt to receive the OTP from that deactivated number.
    How can I go about this? Because my phone needs to be updated and I will be able to change to a new number but all of this is setting me back.
    I hope you can assist.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi Susheel

    Is it possible in ANY way to change the default pull down shade from Toggles to Notifications? It drives me crazy that when I am (say) reading a book and listening to music I have to do 4 taps instead of just 2 to move between my music player (not the MIUI one) and my reading app. Having the toggles, which I assume MOST users only use occasionally vs. the notifications makes no sense whatsoever. I am not the only user this annoys, and I read somewhere else that it's not possible.


    1. Hi Hoods,

      Yeah, we use notification section more that toggles.
      But Unfortunately, There is no way to interchange them.

      But the Upcoming version of MIUI (MIUI 8) will have notifications and Toggles on same side. So all we can do is wait for MIUI 8

  21. I want to screen lock option in screen icon

    1. Hey Krunal,

      To get an icon which unlocks your device on tap:
      On homescreen, tap and hold ""Recent apps" button > Now tap on 'widgets' > Tap on 'Toggles' and now look for 'Lock' widget and tap on it.

      That's it, the Screen lock icon is appears on homescreen.'

      Hope it helps
      Thanks for reading.

  22. Hi, can you please tell me how to recalibrate the level tool in the compass app in my Redmi note 3. Seems like it is off by 4 degrees. The camera version of the level tool which opens when I put the phone vertical also seems to be off by a few degrees. Please help.

    1. To Recalibrate the Compass/ Magnetic sensor:
      Goto Settings – About phone – Tap on 'Kernel version' continuosly 4 times, you will enter Engneering mode.
      Now tap on 'Single Item test' and tap on 'Magnetic sensor' and hold your phone in palm and rotate in '8' shape.

  23. Hi, Susheel karam greetings from Indonesia, I'm newly using Redmi 3 this phone looks great, if there any manual PDF for MIUI 7 from Xiaomi?, my phone is using MIUI Global 7.1|stable, and how to open draft folder in sms aplication?, Thanks.

    1. There will be no seperate drafts folder in MIUI.

      The unsent messages are shown as normal messages in inbox.

  24. Hello,
    on miui7, MI4C,i use block list.
    SMS and call are blocked well. But the option blocklist notification : never isn't ok.

    I already see message notification grouped as blocked in sms list.
    Pleas can you telle how to remove it for seeing nothing ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for commenting.

      To hide the blocked SMS :

      Go to Messaging – Long press on Recent apps key
      Now you will see messaging settings. Scroll down and disable the option Show blocked SMS. Thats all.


  25. Hello ,
    How to setting fingerprint unlock for customs app (03-15) on redmi note 4G ? I really want use fingerprint on my phone . Help me

  26. Hi,
    The floating notification of the messaging app doesn't show any text. Any idea what's up?

  27. Bro I have blocked messages from a certain addresss. But problem is that those messages still appear in the inbox under blocklist folder. Please tell me how to hide those messages from inbox. Its urgent.

    1. Hi Tonpe,

      To hide blocked messages folder-
      -Open Messaging app
      -Press & hold recent apps key
      -Now you can see some settings.
      Scroll down and turnoff Show blocked SMS option.


  28. Recently I updated my phone but now I can not able to see call history. Pl advice

  29. I forget my lock apps pattern lock… how to recover?

  30. when i swipe down from top screen on home
    can i change the toggle positions become like a box i saw from my friend's phone

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