Transfer Files Quickly Between Android Devices Using ES File Explorer

We usually share photos, videos and many files with our friends and peers. But if you are using Bluetooth for this purpose, you should have irritated by the speed of transfer.

With Bluetooth you can only share files with a maximum speed, which varies around 1MB/sec even worse depending its version. But with android in hand, you should not compromise with Bluetooth, as you have a very high-speed technology, Wi-Fi.

Android to android quick file transfer with es file explorer

Depending on the standard of Wi-Fi you can transfer files with a speed ranging up to 250Mbit/sec . So in this tutorial we are going to see how you can transfer files using Wi-Fi , between any two android devices
with one of it having ability of creating Wi-Fi hotspot. Make sure that the two devices have ES File explorer installed. You can download ES File explorer here.

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot & Connect the device

So as we are transferring files over Wi-Fi, the two devices between which you want to share files must be on same Wi-Fi network. As here we are assuming that there are no Wi-Fi networks around you, we have to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on one of the devices and connect other device to this hotspot so that they will be on same network.

To create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile- Go to SettingsTethering & Wi-Fi Hotspot (Found Under Under Wireless & Networks) and Check the option Wi-Fi Hotspot.  Now on the second device turn on Wi-Fi and connect it to the hotspot we have just created on the first device. You may also connect more devices to this hotspot and transfer files to any of them.


Select and Send files

  1. Now with two devices  connected over  Wi-Fi, open ES File Explorer on both of the devices. Select the files which you want to send by long pressing on it. Now tap on More > Send.
    Transfer files using Es File explorer-select files and send

  2. Now it will scan for devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi network. After scanning it will display the list of devices along with IP address. Your device will show up only if ES File explorer is opened an active on it. Check the device(s) you want to send the files to and tap on Send.
    Transfer files using Es File explorer select - scanning for devices and selecting device
    Click to enlarge
  3. On the other device a confirmation box appears asking for confirmation to receive files. After confirming, you will be shown the status along with transfer rate.
    Transfer files using Es File explorer select- confirm file transfer and transfer status
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Now you can share photos, videos and any other files quickly without downloading any other apps like Shareit. Remember that speed of file transfer depends on the speed of both of the devices. If you are using any low-end devices the transfer speed will be as low as <1MBPS/ sec.

So what do you feel about this tutorial, is it helpful? Are you facing any difficulties? Please feel free to share your doubts, opinions and any other queries via Comments below.  And if you want me to write a post about something, please let me know via contact page.

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