13 Amazing Ways to make use of your Old Windows phone

old windows phone uses and advantages

My brother recently bought an Android smartphone for himself, leaving his not-so-new yet still functional Windows phone idle. As I don’t like selling it, I thought of different ways in which I can make Reuse of that Old Windows phone.

Selling a used smartphone won’t be beneficial, as you won’t be getting a reasonable price and risky to your personal data on phone even though you reset it.

As, most people switching from Windows to Android smartphone, I thought of writing this post with some great ways in which you can Repurpose your Old Nokia/Microsoft Lumia smartphone or any other windows phone.

1. Use it as a Fully-functional PC

If you own the flagship Windows smartphone like Lumia 950/950XL, you can use it as a full-fledged Windows PC.
This is possible with its Continuum feature. There are two ways to use continuum feature:

  1. NexDock – Nexdock is a laptop with all things but Brain and costs around $149. Just connect your Lumia smartphone to Nexdock via HDMI-to-Micro USB connector and that’s all you have a  fully functional Windows laptop. More about NexDock
  2. Microsoft display dock – The official gadget from Microsoft to use Continuum feature. Connect your phone to one side of dock and other side to a TV or Monitor via HDMI and you have a Complete Windows PC.

Note: You phone must have Continuum feature for this to work. And continuum feature cannot perform equally as a real computer.

2. A Personal Home cloud storage (No Internet required)

Are you tired of copying files from one device to Other?
Wouldn’t it be great to have your own cloud storage to store all your Movies, Music & files and access them wirelessly 24/7.

Yeah it is quite possible with FTP server app for windows phone. With FTP server app you can store all files on Windows phone and view them from any Phone or Computer at your home.

How to use Windows phone as Local cloud storage:

To use your Old windows phone as Home cloud storage,

  1. Copy all your files to a folder on your phone and connect it to your Home WiFi network
  2. Install & open FTP server app and add that folder
  3. Access/ view the files by entering the ftp address (looks like in any browser.

Note: Your phone should be on same WiFi network as others.

3. Gift it to your Mom/Dad

Most Mom’s & dad’s or Grandparents
aren’t tech-savvy and are uncomfortable using smartphone.
But Windows phone can be easy~to~use for them with Large Icons (or Tiles). As they only need basic feature like Calling & messaging, it would be easy to use a windows phone.

Just make following modifications to make windows phone easier to use:

  1. Goto SettingsPersonalisationStart  and uncheck the option “Show more tiles”. This will make tile bigger and simpler.
  2. Rearrange tiles/icons in start menu, Resize to bigger tiles and Remove unnecessary apps
  3. Go to Settings – Ease of use and set the Text-scaling/ text size to maximum (200%) for to increase the Text size of overall UI .

4. As a Remote control/ Mouse/ Keyboard for PC

You can also use your Windows phone as a Mouse, Keyboard & Remote control for your Windows PC using PC Remote app.

With PC remote app you can :

  • Use as Mouse & Keyboard
  • Control Media playback, Volume & Power point Presentation
  • Shutdown, Sleep, Restart your PC
  • Access PC files

How to use Windows phone as Mouse/ Keyboard/ Remote control:

To use your Windows phone as Remote control:

  1. Download & Run PC Remote app on your phone and PC Remote server on PC.
  2. Then connect the phone to Same WiFi network as PC.
  3. Open the app, it will scan and show your PC. Tap on your PC name to connect.

5. A Security/ Surveillance camera

Though your phone cannot be a Replacement to a Security camera setup, using a spare windows phone as security camera is not a Bad idea.
There are couple of Great apps to use your phone as security camera.

Win IP camera : It is a great IP camera app. You can use any of the Front or Rear camera to watch live feed of your Home/office wherever you place it.
Once you download and run it, you can just enter the IP address with port in any Browser on any device and Watch the live feed over WiFi (without Internet).

There is another app called Gotya. This app doesn’t show you live feed, but it captures multiple pictures when it see any suspicious thing Moving. So it may someday help you catch a thief.

Note: Keep your phone connected to Power supply to ensure uninterrupted surveillance.

6. Baby  Monitor


What’s more Worrisome than leaving your Baby in one room and you are working in another.Well, Baby Monitor app can be of great help here.

How to use:

Just install & run Baby Monitor on your old windows phone, fix the phone on top of cradle so the camera is facing the baby.

Install PC Remote server on your PC. Connect to your PC by opening Baby Monitor app and then Enable camera and Audio and your are good to go.

You can watch & hear your baby every moment.

7.  A Secondary & Bed-side device

Having a secondary devices may seem unnecessary, but it would very helpful to have one. Some cases where having a Secondary phone is beneficial:

  • Your primary phone is being repaired.
  • Your phone is out of battery and you need a phone urgently.

And also you can use your phone as a Bed-side device for bedside activities like Casual browsing, Gaming and Reading, while keeping your primary phone with Full of charge.


8. Home Automation

If you own smart devices like Thermostat, Lighting etc., you can turn use your phone to control and monitor those devices using the following Home Automation apps.

Home Automation apps for Windows Phone

  • Smart things by Samsung can be used to control a variety of Home appliances that are connected to Samsung’s Smart Things hub.
  • Nest, Hive, Tado also have apps to manage their smart Thermostats

9. E-reader


If you are an Avid book reader or even a casual reader, an E-book reader can be very helpful, as carrying physical books everywhere you can be Hard.

With most windows phones having 5 inch & above display, it would be comfortable to read on them instead of spending a lot of money an E-book reader like Kindle

E-Book Reader Apps for Windows phone

Bookvise Reader is popular and Free book reader app with thousands of books available for free. It also supports ePub, txt & fb2 formats if you want to add books from outside.

Amazon Kindle app is official app from Amazon to access and read books from your Kindle account.

10. Fitness Tracker


Care about your Health,? Use your Windows phone as a Fitness tracker and monitor the amount of calories you are burning etc.

Fitness Tracker apps for Windows phone

Runtastic and Caledos runner are two most popular and highly rated fitness tracker apps for windows phone.

Both apps track your physical activity like Running, Walking, Biking, Hiking and even weight training. It display information like Distance, time, speed and Calories burned.

11. Dedicated GPS device for your car

You can also fix your old windows phone in your car and use it as a GPS device to find your way on maps.

All Windows phone comes preloaded with Here Maps, which is great for Finding a route and also get directions for driving and best part is it works Offline too.

Waze is another good navigation app.
If you are a fan of Google maps you can also try gMaps, an unofficial Google maps client for WIndows phone.

12. Dedicated Camera and Camcorder

If you happen to own flagship Lumia phone, you already own a Great camera.

Best Photography apps Windows phone

  • Camera 360Camera 360 is an advanced camera app with Manual controls like Manual focus & exposure which help you take Professional photos.
  • Photoshop ExpressQuickly edit photos to give it a Professional touch.
  • Lazy lens – Instantly add filters to photos.

So, you can use your Windows phone as a Dedicated professional camera & Video recorder and also upload media to cloud storage and also Share it via Facebook, Whatsapp etc., with a tap.

Tips to take great Photos & videos with Windows phone

  • Use a Tripod so that you can avoid Shaky pictures & Videos. You can get a inexpensive Smartphone Tripod without hurting your wallet.
  • Make sure to have good lighting.
  • Always take pictures & Videos in Landscape mode
  • Make sure you have set the quality & resolution to maximum in camera settings

13. Dedicated Music & Media consumption device

While most Android smartphone drops the traditional FM Radio functionality, Nokia/Microsoft Windows phones still have FM Radio feature.

So you can use your old windows phone to listen to Live free-to-air FM Radio channels.

Your can also listen to Internet radio with TuneIn Radio .
If you got a Pair of Blutooth or even wired speakers you can turn your Windows phone into Mini music system.

If you cosume a lot of video content, you can use Windows phone to stream Netflix and Youtube and keep your primary phone battery full.


Final Words

As most people switching from Windows to Android Smartphones, there is need of ways in which you can put that old windows phone to work and benefit from it.

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