Mute Tab Website Audio or Sound in Google Chrome & Firefox Quantum

[TIP] How to Mute a Tab Quickly in Chrome and Firefox

Mute Tab Website Audio or Sound in Google Chrome & Firefox QuantumIt is quite annoying when a website automatically starts playing Videos as soon as you open it. You may just find the video that is playing and pause it.

But finding the video on the page and pausing it manually is quite a time-taking task especially when using more tabs.

In this post, I will show you how to quickly Mute an Audio /Video playing in any tab so that you don’t have to manually find and Pause it.

2 Ways to Mute Audio of a Website/Tab in Google Chrome

Chrome has added the mute feature recently. Using Chrome’s mute feature you can mute the audio for a website completely instead just muting a tab.

This means the website will always stay muted whenever you open that website until you unmute it.

There are two ways in which you Mute video & Audio in Google Chrome

1. Quickest Way: Right-click and Mute Site

This is by far the quickest way than the first one. You just have to Right-click on a tab that is playing Audio/Video and click on “Mute site” option.

You don’t have switch between different tabs, you can just right-click on any tab to mute that site.

Mute Site Audio Google chrome

To Unmute the site: Well, if you mistakenly muted Audio for a site, you might wanna Unmute it. This can be done in same way as above. Just Right-click on that Tab and click on “Unmute Site”

Right Click (on a Tab) – Mute/Un-mute Site

2. Alternative way: Through Site settings

Also, there is another way to do this through Chrome Site settings. In Site Settings, you can Allow/block any permission for a Website like to Webcam access, Mic access etc.

Mute Audio for Website in Google chrome Site Settings

So, in Site settings, we can also block “Sound” permission to mute sound for a website.
To Block Sound permission for a Website

  • Click on Padlock icon (for sites with https) or “i” button (or) present in the address bar.
  • Now click on Down arrow next to “Sound” and then click on “Always block on this site”.

To Un-Block Sound permission for a Website– If you blocked sound by mistake, you can easily Unblock it the same way. Click “i” button or Lock icon and Select “Always allow on this site”. Now you will be able to watch videos on that site.

Click “i” or “Padlock” icon and Click on Always Allow on this site/ Always Block on this Site

2 Ways to Mute Tab in Firefox Quantum

Unlike Google Chrome, you cannot Permanently mute Sound on a website, but you can quickly Mute any tab that you currently have open.

This is one the Cool features of Firefox Quantum (new Firefox browser).Again you can Mute Audio on Firefox Quantum in two ways.

1. Directly Mute tab

This is the quickest way, as you can Mute Sound on a Tab with just one-click.
In Firefox, when a Video or Audio is playing in a browser tab, a small speaker icon appears on that specific tab. This is a clickable icon.

Mute Tab Sound Audio in Firefox Quantum Speaker icon

So, when you want to Mute a tab, just click on this Speaker icon on that tab. This is instantly mute it and shows a Muted speaker symbol.

Similarly, if you want to Un-mute the tab, click the same speaker icon.

Click on Speaker icon on a Tab to Mute/ Unmute

2. Alternative way:  Right-click Mute

Just in case if the above one doesn’t work, there is another way.
As I said, if a video is being played in a tab, a speaker icon appears on that Tab.

Mute Tab in Firefox Quantum browser Mute Audio Sound

Now, to Mute this tab, Right-click on that tab and click on “Mute Tab”.  In the same way, you can Right-click on a Tab and click on “Unmute Tab” to re-enable Sound for that tab.

Right Click (on a Tab) – Mute/Un-mute Tab

Final Words

So, next time when you want to “Shut-up” an annoying tab or a website using this Mute tab option on Firefox or Chrome, whichever you are using.

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