How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook on Desktop

Facebook had been focusing a lot and improved UI and UX on their Mobile apps – Facebook for Android and iOS, and Facebook Messenger.

But their Desktop website, was due an overall redesign for a really long time. The site was running on a really old design and was quite laggy.

So they spent months on the redesign the new Facebook with a better, faster & smoother UI. The new version was initially available for few selected users a couple of months ago, but now it is available for everyone (official post).

Features of the new

Here are some of the major changes and new features that come with the new

  1. Better UI & Faster page load – The UI now looks & feels more quite similar to the mobile app. The search and navigation work faster now and with smooth transitions.
  2. Group preview – You can now see how your group looks like on both Desktop and Mobile while you are creating it.
  3. The Dark mode – And of course, there is a new Dark Mode feature. So if you are one of those dark mode enthusiasts (which I guess you are as you are reading this post), this would be quite useful.

How to Turn-on Dark mode on the new

The new is an optional version for now. This means you will still be on old classic and you will have an option to switch to the new Facebook manually. Here’s how you do it.

Switch to the new Facebook interface

  1. Login to your Facebook account on your Desktop browser.
  2. Click on the Options button (down arrowhead) on the top-right corner and then click on Switch to new Facebook


If you don’t like the new design, you can also switch back and continue using the old version until Facebook makes the new design as default. (Option > Switch to Classic Facebook)

Enable Dark mode

As soon as you switch to the new Facebook Desktop interface (for the first time), you will be prompted to select the mode (Dark or Bright). So you can select the Dark mode there.

Otherwise, you can also enable and disable it anytime from the menu as well:

  1. Click on the menu button (the down arrow) on the top right corner to see account options.
  2. And then enable the Dark mode toggle, which will instantly enable it.


You can use the same option to disable it and switch back to bright mode.


Dark mode, in general, would be quite useful for people who spend quite a lot of time in front of the screen. It will help reduce stress on eyes as well to better focus.

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