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How to Turn-on & Use Resizable and Floating Keyboard Feature in Gboard

Gboard floating keyboard android Google keyboard DigicularGoogle’s keyboard app, Gboard has been a favorite keyboard app for many people including me. Not only is it feature-rich but also fairly customizable.

Besides a lot of existing cool features, Google has been adding new useful features every now. One of such recent features is Floating keyboard, using which you make the keyboard Float, Resize and Move the keyboard round.

How useful is the Floating keyboard

I personally find it very useful in certain situations when you need most of your screen.

For an instance, when I want to type something from One app to another app, I use split-screen. But as soon as I launch keyboard to type in one app the other will be automatically resized hiding the info I am typing.

But with floating keyboard that won’t happen.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to turn on and use the Floating Google keyboard.

How to Activate & Use Floating & Resizable keyboard in Gboard (Google Keyboard)

Before you proceed to further steps, make sure you have the latest version of Gboard. Just open Play store and update Gboard if it isn’t already updated.

You can enable the Floating keyboard just with a couple of simple steps without leaving the app you are using. To activate the Floating Gboard keyboard:

  1. Open any app where you want to type. (For an example I am using chrome, and I tapped on the address bar to open the keyboard.)
  2. Now on the keyboard, tap on “G” icon on the top left of the keyboard. You will get various options to Translate text, Clipboard history etc.
  3. Next click on the 3-dots icon in the right. Now here you see a few other options, just tap on Floating option.

    Step to enable and add to quick access strip Gboard floating keyboard

  4. That’s all you keyboard will now be floating. Use Move icon (4-way arrow icon) in the bottom of the keyboard to drag & move the keyboard wherever you want.
  5. When you tap on Four-way arrow icon, the corners will be highlighted. You can drag these corner to resize the keyboard i.e. make it smaller or bigger.

Add Floating keyboard for Quick access, Disable floating Gboard

Add the Floating keyboard option to suggestion strip for Easy access

If you use the floating keyboard quite often, you can the option to suggestion strip on the top of the keyboard so that you can use it in one less tap.

To do that, just follow same steps as before Click “G” icon > 3-dots icon and then Tap & hold on Floating option and drag it to the suggestion strip.

Disable floating keyboard

Once you enable floating keyboard, every time you use Gboard, the keyboard will be floating.

So, to disable the floating keyboard, just the drag & move the keyboard to the bottom of the screen using the Four-way arrow icon in the bottom.

So, to sum it up, float keyboard could be quite handy in certain situations. For more tech tips and tutorials subscribe to our Free newsletter below and follow us on Social media @Digicular.

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