7 Ways to Increase Productivity in Blogging with Google keep

Best Productivity Tips Google keep Boost productivity

The key Quality that it takes to be a successful blogger is Being Productive. And if you are a part-time blogger it is even more important to be productive in the time available to you. So in this post we will talk about an amazing tool to boost your productivity in blogging.

So now let me introduce you my best Blogging Pal, Google Keep. Google keep is a simple yet most productive Note Taking tool, available on Android, Chrome and as a Web App.

Here I will be talking about how you can boost your blogging productivity with this amazing tool. Let us directly jump to the point.

1. Capture Post Ideas and Organize them

Capture post Ideas Google keep productivity tips

The primary aim of this note taking app is to capture the ideas that you really cannot afford to lose. And this is the thing we need a lot. We bloggers are crazy, we get ideas for writing posts at crazy times. Google keep helps a lot in this aspect.

So whenever I get a post Idea, I just add a new note, type in my post idea in the title and a little description about it. To Quickly add a note, add the Google keep widget to your device home screen.

The Lists, Images and Voice notes

Apart from the title and simple text you can also add images, lists and voice notes to make your post idea easy understandable when you come back to it.

You can simply jot down the important points of your post idea with List note. And whenever a point about that post comes to your mind, simply add that point as a new list item. To make it more descriptive, you can also add Images to it from the gallery or take a new one with the camera.

If you’re so lazy or busy to type, you can just use the Voice note. Google Keep uses Google’s Voice-to-Text engines and convert your voice to text and saves it along with the audio.

Colour Codes and Labels

In Google keep, you can add different colours to different notes so that your eyes can catch them easily. So just add a colour to all post ideas, so can easily find them between other notes.
And to further organize your post ideas according to their category, just add a label to it. For an example if you got a post idea How to Secure Google account, then you can add label like Technology, Google. Now you can easily find the post ideas under that category easily using labels.

2. Schedule your Blogging tasks

Schedule Blogging tasks Google keep productivity tips

Blogging doesn’t involve writing alone. It has a lot of other things to be done like Marketing posts, SEO, Social media interaction, Commenting. And each of them should be properly balanced.

Don’t worry just make a note about a task like Comment on xyz.com, yzx.com blogs ” or “Finalize xyz blogpost” and tap on icon of Finger with a tag tied to it and set the time and date for reminder. Then add a label like “Blogging tasks” to keep all of your tasks under a separate category. You can also set location based reminders, so that it can remind you when you go to that place.

Google keep then reminds you about it through a push notification.

And it also supports google now, so all you Time-based and location based reminders you set on Keep will be shown in Google now.

Another interesting thing you can do here is you can make some useful checklists. So for example, make a checklist (a list note) about Things to do before publishing a blogpost”  and include SEO title, Including Image, and so on as list items. So whenever you have to publish a new post, just take a look at this list and check that you have done all those things or not. You can create similar checklists as per your requirement and give all of them a different color code.

3. Note Down Yearly, Monthly and Weekly  Blogging Goals.

Plan Blogging set goals Google keep productivity tips

It can also be used in other way, Setting Blogging Goals. Yeah! you may have some yearly goals then split into monthly & weekly goals and you want to keep a track of them.

Just create a new list note with title like Monthly goals: July 2015 and then add your goals to list like Write 10 posts, 2 Guest posts, 40 Fan page likes and set a reminder for the end of the month to check for completion of goals. And keep this note at the top so you can easily access it. Now as you complete your goals, tick the items in the list to mark it as done.

4. Structure your post Idea and Write Draft

Structure blog post - Google keep productivity tips

Apart from capturing post ideas, you can also take it to next level, like Structuring post and writing a draft. Most of the times, when I sit in front of my computer screen to write a post, my mind goes blank. So I made it a habit to structure my blogpost first and then writing a draft.Google keep really instrumental in this purpose with its list style note.

Now as I already have my post ideas, I then add my main points to it and structure it. I then copy it to my Windows live writer to proceed to write my blogpost.

But you don’t have to stop here, you can turn this structure into a rough draft. Yes! writing a draft of your post. With a very simple interface, it serves as a distraction free blog editor here, where you can focus on writing alone with worrying about its formatting. After you have completed writing your first draft, copy it to your blog post editor to finalize it.

5. Share Your Blog work between multiple Admins

Share work - Google keep productivity tips

I work alone and even most of bloggers work alone. But sometimes you may have to share your work with a Guest blogger or a freelance blogger you hired. In other case if your blog has a group of writers, you should be able to share your Ideas with them. Why not here?

So here in Google keep you can share notes with people using their email address. Just open the note you want to share > touch on Share Icon (a user icon with a plus sign) on top > Enter email address of the person you want to share with and touch on Save. You can share the note with any number of persons and all of them can add their ideas to it. You can Unshare it anytime by going to the same share option and touching on ‘x’ icon.
The other way to share is simply Open a Note > Goto more options > Send and now you can share using any apps like Whatsapp, facebook on your device.

6. Access it from anywhere with Android app, Chrome app and Web version

Android, iphone and webapp - Google keep productivity tips

The most important thing, I consider being a blogger is being able to access from anywhere. And Google keep is available as an android app and Chrome app. There is no official app for IOS users, but there are some third party apps like Turbo note, Go keep to access it.

UPDATE: Google keep is now available on Apple IOS. You can download it from official App store

If you don’t want to install any app, you can simply sign in and use the web version instantly. Thanks to Google for making the web version Responsive and fully functional.
All the notes get synced with your Google account, So you can easily create, edit and delete a note from anywhere.

7. Find any note easily with Smart filters

Smart filters - Google keep

We bloggers always get often overwhelmed and have trouble finding things. If that its hard to find a specific note from those post ideas, blogging tasks, Checklists or any personal stuff you have in it, you are absolutely wrong. It is extremely simple to find any note in Google keep, even if you don’t remember its title.
You can simply search using the filters like colour codes, or the type of note (whether it is a list note, voice note, or a note with an image), Reminders, Notes that are shared. Alternatively you can browse the notes through the labels. It just doesn’t consume your time finding your note.

It’s your turn…

I have mentioned all of the productive things you can do with Google keep, which I use in my day to day life. And I am pretty sure that this will boost your blogging productivity.
Do you use google keep as a part of your work? How do you use it to make your work easy and productive? Please feel comfortable to add any points, which you feel I missed in this post and share your opinions in the comments below.
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Susheel karam

Susheel is an Electrical Engineer by education, but a Tech Blogger by Passion. He keeps himself updated about latest Apps, Gadgets and anything new in Tech world. When he is not in to computers, he loves to watch Sci-Fi and Horror movies.


  1. Hey Susheel,

    Great Post and very innovative. I was unaware of such thing. It will surely help to maintain and manage our schedule for posting our content.

    1. Hi Yash,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.
      I am so glad to know that it helped you. Google keep is really amazing tool, I would surely recommend you to use it. It will surely keep you well organised and acheive your blogging goals.

      Thank you

  2. Well I was wondering what this post could be all about as the contradictory title confused me but you have quite clearly describe how to improve productivity rather organised things quite differently apparently in more professional way.

    1. Hello apoorv,
      Thanks for taking time to read and comment over here.
      Yeah! You may be confused by the title that how you can be productive with google keep.
      But it is a great tool to keep yourself organosed and well planned. And as you use it, you can surely observe yourself working more efficiently than before.

      Thank you

  3. Hi Susheel!
    First time on your blog.
    So obvious that i will talk about design first.
    Awesome design and the best UX i ever seen on any blog.
    Talking about your post,
    I too use google keep for office purpose but never thought this way.
    THanks for introducing a new way of using google keep and enhancing my blogging scheduling skills.
    This is a very useful one.
    Have a nice day bhai.
    🙂 Vashishtha

    1. Hi vashishta,

      As it is your first read on my blog, I welcome your heartily.
      And also thanks for the complement about the blog design.

      At first, when i came to know about this tool, I didn't expected to use it in these many ways.
      Day-to-day I discovered it more and learned to use it more effectively.
      It is a great tool, you'll surely see a change.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi Vashita

    The Google Keep looks like Evernote but I guess it has more features. I will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing and take care.

    1. Sorry this comment is meant for Susheel. Thanks

    2. Hey thats ok Ikechi.
      And Thanks for commenting. Yeah! Google keep is a similar to evernote, but it simple and minimalistic in design.
      Evernote has more features than google keep, but google keep has some very useful features like adding colors to notes. Being simple in design it is more productive in my opinion.
      Thanks for commenting. Keep visiting.

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