How to Take Perfect Screenshots of Webpages in Firefox

I take screenshots more often, so do most people. Because taking a screenshot is the easiest way to save information (especially on web) you need. Also you don’t need special tools to open them as they are just image files.

Realizing this Firefox had recently added the Screenshot feature (called “Firefox Screenshots”) to their new browser version, Firefox Quantum.

Firefox screenshots is built exclusively for capturing webpages so that you can take better screenshots of information you find on internet without need of installing a 3rd party extension.

What’s New in Firefox Screenshots?

Generally with most screenshot extensions you can take screenshots by:

  1. Drag and Select area to capture
  2. Capture Visible part of webpage
  3. Capture Full webpage (Scrolling Screenshot)

But with Firefox screenshots in addition to above said ways, you can capture in another way, By Webpage Element.

If you use Developer tools in your browser, you already know that we can select an element on webpage by clicking on an element to inspect its code.

With Firefox Screenshot you can simple place the mouse pointer and click on a Webpage element, say an Image or a Paragraph to Quickly save it as a Screenshot.

Enable/Disable Firefox Screenshots

If you are using Firefox 56.0 or Later (Stable or Developer), the screenshots feature is enabled by default. If you are using an older version either update firefox or manually enable the option.

To enable, in address bar type About:config and press enter. Now search for the option extensions.screenshots.disabled and set its value to false by double-clicking on it.

To Disable, follow the same steps as above and set the value of extensions.screenshots.disabled to true.

How to capture Screenshot of a Webpage with Firefox screenshots?

Page actions screenshot firefox quantum

There are 2 ways in which you can capture screenshot with Firefox screenshots:

  1. Open any Webpage, Right-click anywhere and then Click on Take a Screenshot
  2. Now select the area to capture BY click & dragging (or) BY clicking a page element (or) Capture whole page as per your need.
  3. After selecting area, click on Download button to save the screenshot locally. To save to Firefox cloud click on Cloud Save button.

Firefox screenshots Save to cloud

You can also copy the screenshot to Clipboard (Available in Firefox Beta as of now)

My screenshots: Manage your Screenshots

As I said earlier, you can either save the Screenshot locally on your computer or you can Save to Firefox cloud storage.

You can view/ download all the screenshots you have saved to cloud by going to My shots. Here you can mange your screenshots i.e., you can Delete, Download & share your shots.

Also you can set an expiration date for each of your screenshots from 10 Minutes to 1 Month or forever.
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The ability to take screenshots in Incognito mode and Clipboard copy option is not available as of now in Stable firefox, but it may be added soon.

Firefox Screenshots is definitely unique and useful than most other screenshot tools. Moreover, firefox may be adding even more features in future.

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