How To: Enable and Use Cortana in Microsoft Edge Browser

Enable cortana in Edge browser in windows 10

The Launch of windows 10 has solved many UI mistakes of Windows 8 and also introduced new functionalities like Cortana, which is Microsoft’s virtual assistant which was used to be available only on Windows phone is now also available for desktop with Windows 10.

And another important thing to note is that Cortana is also integrated with Edge browserowser. Which is a Quick and handy feature to get information instantly inside this browser without performing an internet search for it.

In this article, you’ll learn how to Enable Cortana on Windows 10 when you live outside the US and on Edge browser. And you’ll also learn different ways to use it get instant information both inside and outside Edge browser.

Enable Cortana in Edge Browser (Any region), Windows 10

As of now Cortana available only for few countries. If you region is supported, you can simply go forward and enable it. But if it is not available in your region, you have to be little tricky here. Follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Change the location to United states – So as Cortana is officially available only to United states, we have to change the system Language and Location to United states.

    Just navigate to Start menu > Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language
    Now select United states under Country or region and set the default language to English (United states) under Languages.

  2. Turn-On Cortana- Once you change the location it gets activated automatically. Else search for Cortana in the start menu and click on Cortana & search settings.

    Now here click on toggle button to Turn-on Cortana, then follow the on-screen instructions.

    Turn on cortana in start menu windows 10

    Now You have successfully enabled Cortana for system.If you have not already setup your Microsoft account (outlook account) with you PC/ Laptop, then you will be prompted to sign-in to your account at this point. Enter you email and password and click on next.

  3. Enable Cortana in Edge browser– Open Edge browser (If it’s already open, close it and reopen it) and then
    Go to Menu (3 dots in right corner) > Settings > View Advanced settings (scroll down to see) and turn on the setting under Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft edge.

    Turn on Hey cortana in Edge browser windows 10

How  to use Cortana in Edge browser

Cortana can assist you in many aspects more than a real personal assistant and it is really of great use to have it integrated with Edge browser. Here are 3 ways in which it can assist you outside and inside Edge browser.

1. Say “Hey, Cortana” and ask anything

Just as you say “OK Google” in Google now, you can call Cortana with a voice command “Hey, Cortana”.  And then ask her anything you want.

For an instance lets call “Hey, Cortana” and ask “What’s the weather today”. It then gives us information about weather like Temperature, Humidity etc.,

You can also search the internet with it. Just say Hey, Cortana followed by your Search query.
Cortana then opens your default web browser and searches for it on Bing Search engine.
Alternatively you can also do these things through text commands, in case if you don’t have a microphone with you.

2. Type in Url bar and get instant Information

The integration of Cortana with Edge browser made it even easier to find information instantly. As you have already enabled Cortana for the browser, you can now use cortana even inside it.

So Inside Edge browser, you can instantly get information about things like Weather, Stock value, Live Scores etc., as you type it in Url / Search bar.

Instant information in Edge browser windows 10

For an instance, if you want to find your local weather condition just type the word Weather in Url bar and then you will see Temperature and weather condition in drop-down box without need of performing a search for it.

It is not all. You can also get info about many things like

  • Definition of words (Ex: Define Computing)
  • Time in various locations (Ex: Time in India)
  • Stock Value (Ex: FB, GOOG, PEP )
  • Simple Math calculations (Ex: 5/2.3)
  • Conversions (Ex: 1 Dollar to Rupee, 175m to km)
  • Live score, Small trivia questions etc.

3. Ask Cortana with right-click on a word

There is another way to use Cortana inside Edge browser to get some detailed information about a Word, a Company or anything.

When you are searching for anything the internet, reading something what if you don’t understand a particular term.

Don’t worry just Select the word > Right-click on it > click on Ask Cortana.

Ask cortana in Edge browser windows 10

Then a bar pops from the right side of the browser with information about that Word, Company or a Thing and also links to other resources about it. This feature lets you grab information instantly, thus making your time more productive.

Final words…….

The introduction of Cortana to Desktop devices is really going to be very beneficial for both users to find information quickly. And also for Microsoft to take it to next level to compete more effectively with other virtual assistant software like Siri and Google Now.

So what do you feel about the introduction of Cortana to Desktop devices? Is it helpful? Are you facing any problems?
Please share your opinions about this post in the Comments section below. And if you find this article helpful do share it with your friends on social media.

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