10 Things Beginners Go Wrong About Blogging

Blogging Myths or Misconceptions

Blogging has been most popular profession these days.You may be one of them who were dreaming about running a successful blog. But most of these beginners go wrong about some things of blogging. So here I would like list out some of most common misconceptions about blogging especially among beginners
which I hope may help you.

1.Blogging is easy

No, not at all. Blogging requires hard-work, creativity, effort, dedication and mostly importantly passion. You cannot succeed if you don’t love what you do. And the same with blogging too.  You have to love and stay updated on topic you are writing about. And on the other side blogging doesn’t mean setting up a blog and writing content on it. It involves other things like optimizing you content for search engine, marketing your articles, blog design etc.,

so running a blog is just like running a company. You cannot create a successful blog unless you love it and work hard.

2.Blogging is instant way to earn

You may just have read about successful pro bloggers who are earning thousands of dollars from blogging. But they worked for years to build their blogs. You cannot build an earning blog overnight. It takes time and hard work to make money from your blog. For some people it takes 6 months or an year for other to make money from blog, you cannot guarantee it. 

If you are just doing it for money, there are other ways to make money online. It is always advised that you don’t blog for money, just share your knowledge and try to help people though your blog. 

3.Quit Your work and start blogging

This is most important one. Most of the people people think of quitting their work/studies to start blogging and work full-time on their blog to earn. Let me remind you that blogging cannot generate stable income (most of the times) and is not instant one. Even though you can make living from blogging, it takes time to earn from it (may be an year or two or even more) and other thing was most of people discontinue blogging in the middle when they realize that they are not interested in it. 

So don’t quit your job/studies especially studies because you need knowledge anyway and degree to secure your life. You may blog part-time and earn passive income. After you earn a fair revenue, you can quit your job and blog full-time.

4.Post Everyday

This thing scares most of the beginners. It is wrong that you must post everyday. It is almost impossible to post quality posts everyday unless you have a team of writers. Even the most popular blogs like Shoutmeloud, Digital Inspiration don’t get updated every day. 

You may post thrice or twice a week or only once, it completely depends on you. But you have to maintain quality in your posts and maintain a regular presence. Plan your schedule to update your blog at regular intervals.

5.No need to blog regularly

Even though you need not post everyday, you have to update your blog regularly. Even you post once a week or even once a couple of weeks, you need to update your blog regularly. You cannot see traffic flowing to your blog with a bunch of posts even it is not updated. Maintain a particular schedule like posting on a particular day of week or month.

6.Blogging means just WRITING

For a reader it may seem that blogging just means writing. But if you are blogging you may realize that Blogging includes other things besides writing. Writing is just a part of it. Besides writing you have to do many things like Reading other blogs, Marketing your articles on web, Manage you blog brand, maintain your presence around web through social media and other things, Search Engine Optimization and so-on.

7.You have to be an expert at writing English

Always remember that people reading your are just common people seeking your help, but they are not English critics who have came to check your English language. You are not going write any philosophy here that you need to be expert at English.

You just need (and should) to write normally so that everyone around can understand easily. Even if you are extremely bad at it, just keep learning and writing, you will be able to write well by time.

8.Bloggers don’t work hard and long

It is true that Blogging is best fit for those who don’t like their 9am-5pm job. But it doesn’t mean that bloggers don’t work hard and for long hours. It is just like running a small company all by yourself. It surely lets you work at your comfortable time and stay closer to family, but you have to work hard and sometimes overnight to maintain your blog. 
That is why it is mostly advised that you should only choose this profession if you are passionate about it.

9.Ads are the only way to make money from blogging

Another rumor which discourage beginners is that Advertising is only way to monetize your blog. Most of beginners quit blogging just because they have been disapproved by adsense eventhough they have good number of readers and traffic. Most of them think that advertising programs like Adsense, Infolinks. But their other ways too. 

You can make money through your blog until you have good traffic through other ways like affiliate Marketing, Selling your own products, writing sponsored reviews etc.

10. You Should have coding and designing skills

Even it is advised to learn basics of HTML and CSS, you necessarily don’t need any coding skills for blogging. There are platforms like Blogspot and wordpress for blogging easily with just few clicks.

Coming to design, there are hundreds of Ready-to-use themes (most of them for free) on both blogger and wordpress. And there is huge online help content to help you at any point of hosting, domain and other things. So don’t worry about any coding skills.

Stay away from all the above misconceptions and keep blogging. Hope it helped you. Please post your feedback, questions through comments below. subscribe to newsletter and follow us on facebook and twitter

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Susheel karam

Susheel is an Electrical Engineer by education, but a Tech Blogger by Passion. He keeps himself updated about latest Apps, Gadgets and anything new in Tech world. When he is not in to computers, he loves to watch Sci-Fi and Horror movies.


    1. Hi Imran, Thanks for commenting and keep visiting.
      And please feel free to ask for any help.
      Happy blogging

  1. Hi Susheel,

    You have mentioned some noteworthy and relevant points. Many beginners do see the money making potential in blogging and jump into it. The reality is far different from what is perceived.

    It takes persistence and a lot of hard work to make money ethically. Glad you you up with this post.

    Definitely sharing this post with my Twitter and G+ followers. Thanks and have a fantastic day.

    ~ Rohan.

    1. Hello Rohan,

      Thanks for taking time to read and share your views here. And also thanks for sharing it on social media.

      Yes, most of people land into the world of blogging with intention of making money quickly.
      But as they move, they realize that they are wrong. And from day to day as they came to know blogging is not just about Writing, but also involves many other things to be done. At last the one who really begin to love blogging continues and the rest quit blogging.
      I came two know the word Blogging, 2 years ago when I am searching about ways to make money online. And from day to day, I got curious about this thing and started to learn more and blog more.
      I really love blogging, the thing which I can do without asking for an Holiday.


  2. Hi Susheel,

    Great Post Indeed. Your article is really helpful for newbie.I enjoyed to read your blog and will go with the points given with it and also there is no limit of learning. Going to share your post.

    1. Hello Saurabh,
      Really glad to see you here and happy that you enjoyed reading my blog. Thanks for commenting and sharing it.

      Yeah! it is true. Blogging is a continuous learning process. We have to learn new things everyday and also we love to. And as we grow, we have to learn even more. There is no end to it.

      Thank you

  3. Hello Susheel. This post is very inspiring! I am planning to jump into Technology niche. I am new to blogging also and expect the money generating on it, but I was wrong. Your content opened up my eye from the wrong decision! I thought blogging is easy, it takes time, dedication and passion.

    By the way my blog is about news blog around the world, a multi niche topic and I am the one only who is handling this blog.


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