How to Ban/Restrict Members from Sending Messages in WhatsApp Group

Whatsapp block group participants from sending messages

WhatsApp has been constantly adding new features to improve user experience and security. One such new feature is “Admin only” access to send messages in a Group.

You can now block all non-admin members from sending messages in a WhatsApp group so that only Admin(s) of the group can send messages.

In this tutorial, we will see how do turn on this setting which blocks members from sending messages.

Why Prevent members from Sending Messages in a Group?

The point of preventing group members from sending messages does seem counter-intuitive. Because, the point of a WhatsApp group is, well a Group discussion. But it is useful in following ways:

To Prevent SPAM & Fake news

Fake news one of the biggest problem of Digital age. And WhatsApp (especially Groups) is the fastest way to spread fake news. Not just fake news, WhatsApp groups are best way to spread Scam and Phishing links.

So, Blocking users from sending messages is a great way to prevent members from forwarding Fake news and Spam messages and thus ensure user’s security.

For One-way communicated groups

Many WhatsApp groups are One-way communicated like News Groups, Informational groups and Groups for Announcements.

Such groups doesn’t need member participation in the chat. Thus we can cut the unnecessary messages by stopping them from sending messages.

Apart from these, you can apply this setting in any groups which doesn’t require much of user discussion.

How to stop WhatsApp Group Participants from Sending messages

As I said you can stop all members who are not an Admin from sending or forwarding messages in the group. But to do this, obviously you have to be admin of the group.

To ban Non-admin members of any WhatsApp group from sending messages:

  1. Open WhatsApp and open the group that you want to apply this option. Now tap on Group name to view group info.
  2. In group info, scroll down and tap on Group settings.
  3. Now, in Group settings, tap on Send Messages and select Only admins.

Whatsapp Group Block Participants from sending Messages

That’s it, now in that specific group, only admins can Send/ forward messages.

NOTE: To block other member from sending messages, you should be admin of that group.

Additional : Restrict Group members from Changing Group Info (Picture/ Name/ Description)

People usually change group name and Picture, when there is someone’s birthday or any other occasion of group member that is worth celebrating. This would be fine for personal or non-professional groups. But it would look bad in Professional groups.

So, besides stopping the members from sending messages, you can also stop them from changing group info like Group name, Picture and Description.

To stop members from changing Group info:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Group info of the group that you want to change this setting.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Group settings
  3. Tap on Edit group info and select Only admins.

Block Participants from Changing Group info Group name Picture description

Concluding: How useful is “admin only” access in WhatsApp groups?

Of course, it is very useful. WhatsApp groups has become a easier medium to spread Fake news and rumours, which is serious issue. Restricting members from sending messages would be very useful in keeping groups clean.

Although, it would be very useful if WhatsApp could add an option to individually block group members.

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