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7 Awesome Spotify Tips Everyone Should Know

Cool useful spotify tips for Android iOS Windows Mac Linux Desktop - Digicular Spotify is one of the most popular and feature-rich Music streaming services out there. And being officially launched in India recently, they are growing their user base rapidly.

What keeps Spotify from rest of Music streaming services is its Unique features and huge collection. So, you should know these amazing features to get the most pleasurable Music experience.

In this post, I will give you some Cool Spotify tips and tricks for Android and iOS app, though most of these work on Web player and Desktop apps as well. And all these tips work with Free version of Spotify, no premium subscription needed.

So let’s get started!

1) Gapless playback and Crossfade

This is the coolest and my favorite feature in Spotify. Gapless playback is as it states continuous gapless music playback. How it works is, few seconds before the current song ends, the next song starts playing parallelly with a smooth Fade-in and out effect giving you a feel of No-gap playback or Crossfading effect.

You may have already seen this in many Desktop and Android music players like Winamp, PowerAmp, etc. But most of the music players and music streaming services like JioSaavn lack this feature.

To enable Gapless playback:

  1. Open Spotify app and Tap on Gear icon in the top-right corner to open Settings.
  2. Now scroll down and enable the Gapless option under Playback.
  3. Now look for Crossfade option and use the slider to select how many seconds before the next song should start playing. You can set a maximum of 12 seconds.

2) Normalize Volume

Every song has these highs and lows in volumes. Normalization adjusts all these highs/lows to the same level and gives you a Same or Consistent level of volume for all tracks regardless of the sound effects in it.

I personally don’t use this option, as these variations in volume levels is what makes songs more enjoyable. But it is quite useful for some people.

To enable this setting, go to Settings by tapping on the gear icon and look for Normalize volume option under Playback.

3) Spotify Connect: Play and Control Music on Computer, TV, Wi-Fi speakers

This is extremely useful if you are like me who listen to music switching between multiple devices like Smartphone, PC, etc.

With Spotify connect you can control Music playback and volume on your PC or Laptop, TV, Smart speakers, etc. You can switch the music playback from phone to Laptop or PC or other devices instantly. The music can be controlled from either the Mobile or Desktop app.

To use Spotify connect:

  1. Install Spotify and connect/sign in to your account on all of your Smart devices.
  2. Make sure they are connected to the internet and Spotify is actively running on them.
  3. Now to change playing device, open the player screen and tap on Devices Available and you will see all the devices you have set up. Select the device that you want to switch to.

    Spotify connect Switch Control Music playback in Phone PC Smart Devices

You can now control volume, change tracks and more right from your phone.

4) Share your Current track to Instagram Story

If you are a fan of Instagram stories, this feature is for you. You can directly share the song to your Instagram stories without having to take the screenshot of the song cover.

Just open the song that you want to share and click on the 3-dot icon to the right. Now click on Share and select Instagram stories. A new Instagram story with the song’s cover is created, you can then add stickers, text or anything and the post it.

Spotify share to Instagram Story Play on Spotify

5) Quickly share songs and playlists with friends by Scanning with camera

If you want to share a Song or Album with your friend, you would simply share them on WhatsApp or SMS. But what if you have to share a song or playlist with a Stranger on a bus or someone you can’t ask for a mobile number?

The solution – Spotify Codes. It is similar to scanning a QR code. You can quickly find and listen to a Song, Album or Playlist someone else is listening to just by scanning it with your phone camera.

So, for instance, someone sitting next to you in a Bus has an interesting Spotify playlist. So in order to get it

  1. Open the Song/ Album/ Playlist on Spotify app on other’s phone that you want to get and click on the 3-dot menu icon. You will then see the album cover along with a Spotify code, an audio waveform type code under it.
  2. Open Spotify on your phone click on the Search button in the top and then click on the the Camera button.
  3. Now scan the Spotify code on other’s phone with your phone.

That’s all the song will open in your phone.

6) Make your Spotify listening activity Private

Another interesting feature of Spotify is its Social integration. You can not only follow your Friends and other people but let others follow you and share your listening activity with them. You can check out what your friends are listening to and so can they.

Though it is quite cool, there are some Songs or Albums that you listen which you feel is a little bit embarrassing to share with anyone. Which is when you should use Private session.

While in Private session, your friends can’t see what you are listening to. It is somewhat similar to Incognito mode in your browser, but not completely like it as your listening activity is still displayed on your own devices.

To enable Private Session:

  1. Open Spotify app and go to Settings (the gear icon).
  2. Look for Private Session option and turn it On.

Private session will not stay ON all the time. It will automatically turn off after you have been inactive for more than 6hrs. So make sure it is turned on every time you want to go private.

7) Google Maps, Waze Navigation, and Car view

Spotify also has some of the coolest Safety driving features, which ensure that not only you enjoy great music on the go but also to Drive safe.

Simplified Player with Car View

Car View is a special feature which makes it easy for you to Change tracks, Seek, Play/ pause the music. when it is activated the music player interface becomes more Simplified with Big buttons, Title, and no Album cover. This makes it easier to tap buttons.

To enable Car view, open Spotify app and go to Settings. Scroll down and look for an option Car view and turn it on.

Once enabled, the Car view mode will be automatically activated whenever you connect your phone to any Car’s Bluetooth.

Use Spotify within Google Maps and Waze navigation

Spotify also supports integration with navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze. You can play and change tracks, view Songs list, etc., all without leaving Google maps or Waze.

Spotify on Google maps:

Follow the steps below to connect Spotify with Google maps:

  1. Open Google maps app, tap on the menu icon in top-left, tap on Settings and go to Navigation Settings.
  2. Tap on Default Media app and select Spotify. This will open the Spotify app asking for account permission.
  3. Accept it to give Account permission.Spotify within Google Maps integration Waze navigation

Whenever you are using step by step navigation on Google maps, you can see a green floating Spotify button, which you can use to play music without leaving Google maps.

Spotify on Waze:

Just like Google maps, you can use Spotify in Waze too. Just connect Spotify to Waze and you are done.

  1. Open Waze, swipe from left and tap on Gear icon in Top-left corner to open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Audio player option.
  3. Select Spotify under Audio player apps and accept to give account access.

When using Waze, tap on Recentre icon and you will see a floating Spotify icon.

Concluding: Got more Spotify tips?

Well, those are some of the useful tips for Spotify which can help you get best out of Spotify. Hope this post is useful to you

Did I miss something? Do you have more tips? Please let me know via our Social media profiles or Comment below.

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