5 Best Features of Microsoft Edge Browser That Make You Love It

Useful features MIcrosoft Edge browser

Microsoft’s Edge browser (Project spartan) has been in the news before and after its launch with Windows 10. And as expected it didn’t disappoint many of us. Microsoft has lost a huge share of the browser market with its previous browser Internet Explorer, but the new browser comes here to rescue Microsoft.

Edge browser packs a lot of handy and useful features which makes it stand in the position the of the main competitor to top list browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Let us see some of most important features of this new browser.

1. Speed and Simplicity

The first and foremost thing to talk about Edge browser is its Speed and Simplicity, the two things that Microsoft failed to improve in Internet Explorer.
Performance – The browser performs very well from launching app and loading web pages. It competes closely with the most popular and fastest browser today, Google chrome. Even in browser benchmark tests, Edge browser just got defeated with a little difference and even won in some tests. (See Performance comparison)
Even though we cannot say it is the fastest browser, considering its just launched it may get even faster in future.
User Interface – Microsoft has done a really great job in this aspect. The browser looks extremely clean and simple to use. The Taskbar, the Menu, the URL bar, the right-click menu everything is built with grey and white colours and with clean looking Icons. The navigation is also made quite simple and easy to use.
In a single word, the browser looks extremely simple and no unnecessary things to distract you.

2. Cortana Integration – Find information quickly

Cortana integration Microsoft Edge browser features

Microsoft launched Windows 10 with Cortana and Edge browser as some of its major improvements. And another interesting thing is Combination of both. Cortana is now integrated into the new browser. You can now find information Quickly inside just as you type in URL bar.

Once you enable Cortana inside the browser, you can find information on Weather,  Stock values, Word Definitions and many other things just as you type in the Search / URL bar.
And also while you are reading something on the internet, you can get the meaning or information about a word by Select word > Right-click > Ask Cortana.

3. Web Note – Save webpages and Take notes

You ever had problem, saving a webpage for offline reading?
To save webpages you have to install a browser extension and then save as pdf, open it in a pdf reader.

Web note Microsoft Edge browser features

But in Edge browser, you don’t need any extensions to save webpages. When you save a webpage, it will be saved as a screenshot of the Full webpage will be added to your browser reading list.
That’s not all. You can Write notes, Doodle, Highlight important points, Crop the webpage.
To save a web page:

  1. Open a page you want to save and click on Web Note icon.
  2. To write any notes or highlight text or crop web page by clicking on desired icons. And then click on Save button. You can also share it by clicking on the share button.
  3. To view saved pages click on hub button (icon with 3 horizontal lines) in the browser toolbar and Go to Reading list.

4. Reading mode – Read in a clutter free Environment

Websites & Blogs, besides getting beautiful day-by-day also including more and more clutter like Widgets, Ads and other things. Which in turn distract your reading experience.

Now here come the Reading mode. Edge browser has a dedicated reading mode, when activated removes all the Ads, widgets and other clutter and shows you only the Main content. The Main content is Centred and looks clean with a plain background, quite comfortable for reading.

Reading mode Microsoft Edge browser features
Credit: Microsoft.com

To activate reading mode on a specific webpage, click on the Book Icon present in the URL / Search bar. You can also Adjust the font size and Background colour for the reading mode.

Just Go to Menu (3 dot icon) > Settings > Reading. Under reading, you can set the font size to small, Medium, Large and Extra large. And can set the Reading view Style to Default (light orange), light (white), Medium (light grey) and Dark (Black).

5. In-Built Sharing Feature

The new Edge browser has another handy feature, In-built option to share webpages right without leaving / closing the browser.

When you reading something on the internet and would like to share it with your friends through email or On Facebook, Twitter. It works similar to that in android. You can share the webpages with the apps installed on your Windows PC (from windows store).

To share Open a webpage and Click on Share button and a list of installed apps will be displayed. Then click on the app you want to share with and you are done. But note that for Example, if you want to share on Facebook, you should have Facebook app installed.

Final Words……
In spite of having some great features, being Windows 10 Exclusive and the lack of Extensions are major cons. As it is just the first version, we can expect the extensions in the coming days.

So what about you, Are you using the Edge browser? What do you think about it, Is it missing anything? Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Susheel karam

Susheel is an Electrical Engineer by education, but a Tech Blogger by Passion. He keeps himself updated about latest Apps, Gadgets and anything new in Tech world. When he is not in to computers, he loves to watch Sci-Fi and Horror movies.


  1. A well written article. Sure, Edge is better than the oldschool IE but still I disagree with you for the point 1 you made for Edge.. Sure, it's simple, efficient, but still eats a LOT more memory than compared to other browsers..

    What do you think; a social site like mashable may have better benchmark tests or an authority site like pcworld may have? I'm not opposing anyone, but, it seems that the conditions in which edge was benchmarked in the mashable's article were in favour to it.. Have a look at this article from PCWorld: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2966127/browsers/the-best-web-browser-of-2015-firefox-chrome-edge-ie-and-opera-compared.html

    Where in benchmark tests, Edge is not even near to Chrome and Firefox.. And in the final results of all the four browsers, it's the last.. What I mean to say is, the features of Cortana, web writing are unique and excellent, but still, when it comes to performance, it's still not near to the claim microsoft is making about it..

    1. Hi Paras,

      Glad to see you here.
      Thanks for commenting.

      Yeah! Edge browser is not the fastest and please note that I have mentioned the same in poin #1.
      Benchmark scores change from each time with different device and theydon't define the actual performance. In real life I found edge browser performs smoother.

      Still edge browser great and competes with other two. Considering its version 1 Microsoft make it better from day to day.

      Have a great week ahead.

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