How to Share your Android Screen with other Android device

Ever wondered if you can Cast/Mirror your android smartphone screen to another android smartphone or tablet?

Of course You can. You can see your friend’s phone screen from your Android smartphone.

A few days ago, I wondered the same and started searching for apps that can help do this. And I found Inkwire, which is the Best Android Screen sharing app.

Why would you need to share your Android screen?

It is quite often you face a problem with your phone and need help from your Geeky friend or cousin. But, what if they are in another place far away from you?

In such situations, you can just share your screen with your friend and get help or Assistance from them to solve your problem.

In this Tutorial, we will learn how to see your friend’s Android phone screen from your phone live Or Show yours using Inkwire app.

Why use Inkwire?

While there are many apps that allow you to share your Smartphone screen to Computer or vice versa. But there are very few apps that allow Android to Android screen sharing and Inkwire is Best among them and its FREE too.

Features of Inkwire

  • Share screen
  • Show directions by drawing on screen
  • Voice chat

Share / Mirror/ Cast your Android Phone screen with other Android device using Inkwire


  1. Download and Install Inkwire app
  2. An Internet connection
  3. A way to communicate access code or link (like WhatsApp or SMS)

Make sure you have installed Inkwire app on both devices and both of them have an internet connection (WiFi, 3G/4G).

Tip: Use Wi-Fi while using Inkwire, so that it is lag free while viewing screen.

Steps: When you want to show your screen to your friend

Let us assume that want to show your Phone screen to your friend and asking him for help:
Phone 1 – Your Phone (Phone to be shared)
Phone 2 – Your Friend’s Phone

  1. (Phone 1) Open Inkwire app and tap on Share and then tap on Start now.
    Steps to use Inkwire to share your android screen to other android phone
  2. Now you can see a 12-digit access code. Send this access code to your friend through SMS or WhatsApp message.
  3. (Phone 2) Now ask your friend to open the Inkwire app on his Phone, tap on Access and enter the 12-digit access code that you have shared & then tap on Access.

    Steps to use Inkwire to share your android screen to other android phone

  4. Now your friend can see your screen on his Phone. He can also draw on the screen and show you what to click and do.

When you want to see Other’s screen and Assist them

Just follow the similar steps as above but vice-versa.

  1. Ask your friend to Open InkWire, tap on Share – Start Now and then send you the 12-Digit code displayed.
  2. Now open the app on your phone, tap on Access and Enter 12-Digit code.
You can alsoTurn-on Voice chat feature to speak to him/her and help by turning on the Voice chat toggle

Wait!! Here’s the Easy Alternative Way to Share/Access

Instead of sharing and entering the codes, you can also just share the link to Access or Share your screen.

  1. Open the Inkwire app and Tap on Share or Access as per your need.
  2. Then click on Send link button present under the code area and choose an app like WhatsApp or SMS and send it to your friend.
  3. Now when your friend clicks on that link, he will be directly taken to the Inkwire app asking them whether you want to Share / Access the screen.

Inkwire is really an amazing app to share your android screen with other android phone and get Technical Assistance with the help of screen gesture and voice chat. It is worth trying at least once.

If you are facing any problem, please do post a comment below, I will surely try to help you. And don’t forget to share and Subscribe to the Email newsletter.

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  1. Nice and very helpful article.

  2. I have installed this app in my friends mobile…but when I was out of the house the app didnt work and said session has expired….so every time I have to reinstall it again pls give me solution….

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