About Me

Digicular Founder Susheel karamHello! I am susheel, a part-time blogger from India, currently pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am extremely passionate about Blogging, Gadgets and Digital Media which I will be writing about on Digicular.

My story of blogging

Let me start by saying that I was not aware of computers and internet until I got a PC at my home in 2010. And when I got internet access on my home I started searching for online ways of earning money and found the term “Blogging”. But I was completely mistaken that it was easy and instant one and was only meant for earning money. My earlier blog was absolute evidence of my mistake. Later I learnt a lot about blogging and began to enjoy it. Blogging is my first passion now. Now I was blogging here with full passion and love towards blogging.

About Digicular

This blog was launched in 2014. My major intention behind launching digicular is to help people get started and survive in different aspects of digital world. Here I will be writing Reviews on Gadgets, Softwares and apps  and HOW-TO’s, and news on Blogging, Social media, latest Gadgets, Internet Marketing, Internet Reputation management and much more. Every article written by me here is based on my personal experience.

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